June 16, 2012

Prison Circumstances

by Ricky L. Crum (author's profile)


AMG 2012

Prison Circumstances

Prisoners suffer the horrors of being isolated from family in so many ways other than being incarcerated.

Families are treated in different [?] the rules and regulated procedures of D.O.C policy.

1. Visiting operations
2. Phone calls
3. Commissary cost
4. Mental-health
5. Classification system

1. Visiting a prisoner becomes a struggle, often times a nightmare. Going through processing procedures after a long drive all the way to the prison site, with small children, then the treatment that's given makes the visitor reluctant to ever come again. Young prison correctional officers are trained to be coldhearted their treatment is cruel and unusual, a form of punishment toward the visitor.

2. The Global-Tel phone system, the office in Texas, when being caller ID'd, it appears the call is coming from Texas; n one's going to accept a long distance collect-call at that. And the cost is outrageous for those who suffer financial hardships. They'r robbing us and our families. Our voices as inmates is not being heard, we are cut -off from the outside world.

3. Commissary cost:
Keefe Corp has price gauged the prison population tremendously within the state of Massachusetts. A loaf of wheat bread is now $1.90, bags of cereal are $5.00, ramen soups' prices vary in county facilities and state facilities. Just last month [in] May 2012, Keefe Corp raised the prices once again. Inmates are pressured to either buy or go without; We are being bullied, strong armed by Keefe Corp.

Please hear our voices!

4. Mental health:
There's a budget of finances allotted to D.O.C's so called mental health. A waste of money. Inmates suffer like hell under these people who perpetrate education behind these prison walls. Inmates that are badly mentally ill are confined in the same cell with hardcore criminals. Have you ever heard of a bag of mixed nuts? Pecan walnuts and almonds, it's a dangerous game they play with the lives of inmates.

Most of these inmates are already destroyed, they will never be accepted back into society as normal people.

5. Classification status:
Inmates are now given classification once a year, it's their way of keeping their livestock which clogs up the system. Some inmates will complete their sentence before ever reaching a minimum release. Another diabolical scheme of this great beast. The Department of Corruptions. They use the point-base system to deny an inmate his rights to receive a minimum status; only to be set free unstable and hit recidivism. They plan your return before you are released.


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