May 16, 2011

The Caged Birds

by Derrick Sanders (author's profile)


The Caged Birds
By Derrick Sanders

The caging of birds is a phenomenon that we as humans cannot relate to. For when we cage a bird, we limit its capacity to soar. Yet I give you a very unique caged bird.

This unique bird was caged at a very young age. This bird was caged when he should have been learning to fly.

While this bird was surrounded by other "caged birds", he refused to succumb to the "caged bird" syndrome that was so very prevalent around him.

This unique bird did not look at its cage as a permanent dwelling place; he looked at his cage as a training ground for what his future held—greatness.

While all the other caged birds flapped around within the cage of despair (because of being caged), this unique bird used the cage to strengthen its wings, to perfect its vision, and to cherish the freedom that loomed ahead.

It is so that when the cage was finally opened, this unique caged bird ascend high, higher than even the birds that was never caged. When asked how, the unique bird replied: "While I was in that cage, I learned about myself and others. I didn't focus on the cage, I focused beyond all heights, enabling me to reach the sky and beyond."

For I, Derrick, am that unique bird.


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