June 25, 2012
by Rosario Barrera (author's profile)



(AMC 2012) Rosario Barrera

MOST PRESSING ISSUES: For most of us in WA. D.O.C. we have most of our money taken from us. In my case, anything over $10 I have sent in, 95% of it is being taken away for fines, child support, etc. I don't mind paying on my debts but our jobs here only pay. 42¢ and we don't get many hours. Right now I only make $20 to $28 a month. I'm not even paying off the interest on my debts! I feel that we should not have to pay our debts while locked up or, they should pay us more so we're able to pay our debts and support ourselves ['pay our debts' and 'support ourselves' are underlined]. It's a huge burden on us and our families! Every 2 weeks we order store. if we don't buy our hygiene and other things, we have to get it by "Indigent," and then rack up another debt! I can never buy any food, which I would love to do because all we get here is potatoes, beans, rice and noodles. Any money sent to us by family should not be touched, or at least no more than 20%.

Another issue is voting. I would love to be able to vote! Incarceration rate and population is a problem. We should have a voice to try and change things by being able to vote. I was really hoping Ron Paul would win the White House because he has it right on just about everything. He addresses the incarceration problem and the main thing driving it--drugs. This is America. I thought it was the, "land of the free"? I can't even smoke a joint in the privacy of my own home without "Probation" sending me back to jail on a "probation violation" for a dirty urine test!! As long as I'm not hurting anyone or stealing from anyone--I want to be left alone!! And, as long as drugs, prostitution and many other things are illegal and our civil liberties are being ignored, the prisons will always be full! Prohibition DOESN'T WORK!! Make tobacco illegal and it'll be the same as any other illegal drug! This is the main reason prisons are full--drugs.

Now, about the high phone prices. They should let our people be able to buy "calling cards". Or let us buy a simple cell phone we can have. Organizations should focus on educating the prison population on our civil liberties, the main things bringing to people to prison (drugs) and let us know how we can help bring back freedom to our country.

Now, things that could help us in here would be: a program that helps us get gang tattoos removed "before" we get out. Another thing that would really help ['really help' is underlined] is a program that helps us find a job "before" we get out or some kind of job training. Housing is a big issue, too. If you don't have an "approved" address to to to, you don't get any good time because they won't let you out. The programs that are out there are hard for gang members and high risk offenders to get into. Also, we need more education about all ['all' is underlined] the programs that are available to us. We could also start school; programs that people "want to do" like--tattooing. Why can't we get certified? So many ['so many' is underlined] people love tattooing in here. Let's help them be professional. Also, we can let them do "clean and safe" tattooing as jobs and keep the spread of disease way down. I'm sure we could figure something out, like having to check the equipment out so stuff doesn't get stolen, etc. But, mainly laws need to change.

Thank you for your time!


Rosario A. Barrera
WA. St.


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