Aug. 3, 2011

Who I Was- Who I Am Today

by Rosario Barrera (author's profile)


Who I Was

I was a bad boy with a good heart. So things were pretty hard for me. I was constantly at war with myself.

As a kid, I looked up to my older brother who is like seven years older than me. I wanted to be just like him, and he was more than willing to show me how. Real shit: by the time I was like 7 or 8, I was smoking cigs, weed, stealing, lying, and even humping and plying doctor with this one girl I kissed. :) As I got older, I saw that my brother was into gangs. So at around 12, I started thinking they were cool too.

At 12, I started getting into trouble with the law. By the time I was 14, I was on probation and have been ever since. I didn't get into a gang until I was 18. By that time, I didn't really believe in gangs anymore, but peer pressure is a mutha fucker!

The first time I got locked in a cell was when I was 12. By 15, I was serving 14 months in the institution (juvi prison). At 18, after going in and out of juvi, I started going in and out of county jail. On the streets, all I was doing was partying, using drugs, jackin', being a man slut, gang banging, and just runnin' a muck. I ain't gonna lie, I had a lot of good times. But I had a ton of bad ones!

AT 16, I got this chick pregnant and found out I was going to have a little girl. It made me think a lot and want to change my life, not only for her but for the rest of my family and myself. But when you've lived a certain way your whole life, it ain't that easy. You get used to the life. I really feel like a piece of shit that it took this long for me to make changes in my life I should have made a long time ago. Better late than never though. Plus, like I said, I believe everything happens for a reason.

I'm trying to keep these blog posts brief so there's a lot of details and emotions I've left out. But if you have any questions or want to know any specifics, just send me a letter and ask. I have certain things I don't want to post up for different reasons.

'Cause life is a trip!


Who I Am Today

Who am I today is who I was meant to be—myself. To many people who read this, I might sound weak or soft. But let me spit you some truth: who I was, wasn't hard for me to be. It's easy to do the wrong thing. Knowing who I really am and trying to live what I truly believe in—now that's hard core!

So who am I? I'm a person who hates drama unless I'm watching it on Jersey Shore or The Real World. I'm hella loving and care about a lot of things. I hate fighting but, if I have to, I'll beat that ass. Unless I'm drunk. But I sure think I can. :) Anyways, honesty is really important to me, and I kinda pride myself on my honesty. I love helping people, making people happy, and just being generous. I'm a BIG animal lover, adventurous but pretty chill. I love NW Chronic, and everyone who knows me would say I'm a clown.

Most important, I believe in a Creator so I try my best to live my beliefs. I'm NOT much of a church going Bible thumper who thinks he's better than anyone though. My beliefs differ from what most churches teach. I just try to live what the homie Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It's that simple.

Like I've said in my other posts, I'm trying to keep these brief so I've left a lot out. If you have any questions about anything, just hit me up with a letter and I'll get back to you soon (see contact info).

'Cause life is a trip!


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