July 22, 2012
by Kelly Jones (author's profile)
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(July 6, 2012)


Howdi! Wow...someone in the UK read my post? That is SO COOL!

I'm a little confused...what do you transcribe? (on the post) and personally, I think you're VERY useful, so don't ever feel like you're not useful.

I get I wrote that when I had that horrible cough. I'm over that, thank goodness. I think it was an allergy.

Mr Cute-yet-turtured lasted less than a week and checked into the Hole. Really sad. I really feel badly about the poor guy. I went to one of the psychologists and mentioned tha she really needed tot alk to him and get him in for an "eval" but I think it was two days later tha the checked in. He really needed to be in "Duke" the mental health unit. I hope he gets some help. One day when I spoke to him the poor guy said he didn't know how to read. I have no idea how that happens in this day and age.

The weather here has been hot and miserable!! For som reason, my half of this unit (the largest unit on the compound) has a really crappy a/c and you can dit in your cell and sweat. for some reason, I like to work out a tnight when I'm listening to Coast to Coast around midnight,yet it's way too hot to do tha tnow 'cause I sure don't want to get in bed sticky. (from working out). I would love some rainy weather right now and the U>S> in general is desparate for it. I hope it clears up for y'all fot the Olympics. Are you going to see anything Olympic-wise?? Good luck to Great britian in the games and I hope y'all win very many medals.

Many blessings to you...



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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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