Aug. 31, 2012
by Patrick Roehr (author's profile)



Been a while since writing. A lot of minor shit has happened. Dish Network ruined the last season of Breaking Bad for us. Layoffs over the prison. Luckily, not me. Cats are still better than dogs. Romney is a crap choice. It's been hotter than hell, and the Olympics started. Just watched John Carter and still honestly don't see why it failed and G.I. Joe gets a sequel.

All this pales in comparison to my daughter and her mom cutting me out of their lives without so much as a "Fuck off, punk." Thirteen months of silence. What would you do, people? When people refuse to write, accept your phone calls, and never intend to visit—what conclusion could one possibly come to? Keep trying. That's all I can do.

So if either of you (daughter, her mom) are reading this, respond through this site. It's all good, really. Until then, have a good life.

♥ Always


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skroehr Posted 7 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Hey - Lots of turmoil on this end too. I have a couple letters to answer for you, and not sure this is the place to do it, but I'm really trying to get a little time together this week, and get something over to you. I don't know what to say about Cat and Jeanette. I have a few thoughts, but they're more oriented towards mail. Blogs are kind of outgoing outlets for the blog owner, when it comes to personal stuff. I wish I had more info on them for you, or knew what was going going on with that. I would share it with you if I did. I'll keep working on things, but I'm not exactly at the top of their call list either. I'm probably going to be able to help you with a little bit of $, but it may not be for a few weeks, as we're sorting through a bit of a fiscal problem ourselves. Thank you for continuing to write. Thank you for being understanding when I don't. And yes, I'd be happy to have and/or find good homes for your old tunes. Love you son, and I will write very soon. stuff: It would flat out suck to be cut off from Breaking Bad. That and "Son's of Anarchy" (FX) are a couple of our favorite shows. I can send synopsis of the episodes if you'd like this season, unless you'd rather not have the spoilers. But really, I don't know when this Dish network crap will be over with. They just won't pay the networks enough money for the shows. I've got cable, and we still have BB for now.

Romney? well - I had other ideas for choices, but he's the guy the party picked. The country will have a great deal of trouble keeping from becoming an out and out communist country if we're forced into a second term of President Obama, so my prayers are actually with Romney. I really do like Paul Ryan, by the way, so that helped me swallow the idea a little bit better. Until that move, I was pretty much going to vote 3rd party......again. I don't think people of conscience can afford to vote third party this time around.

Haven't seen John Carter yet, but I hear great stuff about it. I'm looking forward to "The Hobbit" around Christmas, and plan on renting Humger Games now that it's out on DVD. How were those books? Kristal said the movie was pretty good, but she hadn't read the books.

More later,



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