June 2, 2011
by William Goehler (author's profile)


On Location in Washington, D.C. by Bill Goehler

One Man financed this trip to Washington, D.C., and One Man said good-bye to his wife and their six children in order to represent them and the millions of other Christian families across the Nation, at the "questionable" event we remember as the day of the Million Man March upon our Nation's Capital, in 1995.
"Questionable", in view of the fact African-Americas were explicitly the only Americans in this nation persuaded to attend this gathering.
I am a white, 32 year old man, with an average I.Q., and I was overwhelmed by the concern and curiosity this proposed event stirred within me.
With all the famous current events across the Nation recently occurring, i.e.; the so called White Supremacist/Militia Man, Mr. Randy Weaver, and the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building, April 19th, and the derailed Amtrak passenger train in Arizona, mysteriously co-signed by a nationally unknown and unheard of "White Militia" group called the Sons of the Gestapo, it makes you think.
Just these two particular events, and their noted conspicuous classification as White National Terrorist Activities (H.R. 1710 in Committee) deeply trouble me as the tide of events in this country are appearing to look revolutionary (as they also did in the many other countries around the Globe in recent years just before a major World Government intervention or take over occurred).
Number along these Nationally famous events: the incident occurring at Ruby Ridge, with Mr. Randy Weaver and his family. Remember also Waco, Texas, with Mr. David Koresh, and the many others present at their Constitutionally Legal Christian Community Complex (which the media and Government agencies classify as a "compound"), and you may be inclined to suspect a covert operation in progress by the powers that be. Directly infecting public opinion regarding white people in general, and the militia groups specifically.
Divide and concur is a military and government strategy as old as the hills, and to me personally, these events when considered collectively; the media promoting suspicion of the whites and militias-while in the same time period promoting/acknowledging a Million Black Man March in Washington, are worth thinking about. This should absolutely require my utmost attention, further investigation, and possible intervention. I'm certain you can appreciate the fact of further investigation on my part concerning these suspicious happenings would require a personal fact finding mission far beyond the cloudy and decoyed information our federally mandated and licensed media stations could or would provide.
Common sense declares it quite possible, with all the Black/White race issues bombarding us daily through our television sets across America, that civil unrest (race riots) may be potentially inspired and deceitfully promoted by a government that desires a National State of Emergency such as this in order to impose the Presidential mandates upon our Nation which makes Martial Law seem like child play!
Consider the opportunities this Million Man March could present to anyone interested enough to attend this gathering which would offer first hand experience. Personal interaction and observation by one individual in the midst of one million plus, African/Americans from across the Nation at such a critical time as we now live in. The opportunity to gauge
chance too good to pass up.
In order for me to ascertain the absolute truth


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