Dec. 30, 2012

Hear Me Out, Open Your Heart....

by Reginald Cooper (author's profile)


Hear me out: open your heart, never doubt, understanding is our only need route.

You always looking for happiness, but due to what we think happiness is; we cannot see it's already there. We are looking for something idealized, not simple, which is why we overlooking what was already there. We just cannot see it, we cannot understand it, so we doubt it. We assume no, that can not be it, it have to be something more, we make it unbelieve to ourselves. Yet assume we know what happiness, if you did why are you still suffering and looking for it. Look, think what you were all alone, doing nothing but for some reason you were so happy for no reason, but you felt so good, that true happiness. You, yourself, no money, no lover, no car or etc, just you. If you have not experienced it, spend some time alone and you will see, if not you are weird, no just playing. Do not be afraid to admit you do not know, but be willing to be open to finding out and understanding. Be a child, keep things simple. Everything will come clear, you will see everything clearly. As for now, you only seeing and experiencing pieces.

They say money is power, but I think not. Money is a motivator, reason or consideration for someone to what they are doing. A dollar is not powerful enough for me to kill someone, work hard labor or cut my finger off. Due to certain conditions money value is taken in consideration, rather a person will reason to do what is asked. Knowledge is power, the more you know, survival is at its best. They say if you know too much, it could kill you, no. Knowing what someone do not want you to know, is what causes harm. Think about the time when you said to yourself, if I knew that, things would have been different. All I'm saying, strive for knowledge, not money. Money will come in the result of knowledge. Even stupid people are rich, because they are knowledgeable in what they are doing. To be knowledgeable is to be educated in what you are doing.

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Le plaisir est a moi

Hear me out: open your heart, never doubt, understanding is our only needed route.

Ever hear of the big bang theory, sure you have. If not you are weird, not. You should know that some things of that theory have been proven, but not all, that I know of. But just like it took time to prove Earth was round and not the center of the universe. It could only be a matter of time. All I'm asking is that people should keep an open mind about it. Why, because did you know math is just a theory, but our lives function on it. The house you live in was built on it, your car, phone, even the chemicals we eat and wear. Primarily there are two types of mathematics, practical, which is useful math, and there is pure math, which is entertainment math for math brainiacs. Why math is a theory, well to me it's because we don't know if 1 represents what we said it does, someone just said this is 1, and we all accepted it. Remember zero was not used until someone said hey! Would it work better if we start with zero? Well, think about that, because here is another theory, that not only do we live our lives on, but it takes control of some people's lives. That is time, people, we do not know what time it is. We don't know when it started or will end. We function on this [illegible] of time, base our lives on it, because we can not deal with the infinitude of time, we want to control it or at least manipulate it but no, will not happen. The universe is still expanding, so time will go on. So could you all at least consider maybe the big bang theory is possible. Think about it. Now I am open-minded about the big bang theory, but it's not my belief system, although I believe the insignificant us is part of the greater whole universe. We are oneness, so get over yourself, stop thinking in terms of I. Because we love everybody, but I disagree with you.

Au revoir Cooper 12-14-12 Le plaisir est a moi


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