Feb. 1, 2013

The Urban Apple: Sexual Pleasures

From The Urban Apple by Glenn K. Morgan (author's profile)


The Urban Apple: Sexual Pleasures
By: Glenn Morgan

Part One: The time is here, and the time is now,
To end all curiosity and experience the love that is
Found. To do all things your body desires,
Lust, crave, and give way to your flow of fire. As I grow
Stronger, harder and harder, my gift to man yearn for your
Sweetness because I'm so inspired - by the beauty of your
Mahogany skin, soft moans, and sweet cries as your sexual
Tension gives in.

Damn, how beautiful you are in this act of sin! With your
Eyes closed and rolling back in your head. My tongue glides
From your ear down to your neck, and slowly descends upon
Your nipples, as you grip the sheets of the bed. Feel the pleasure,
The bundle of joy as my lips entwine with your lips. The
Stroke of my tongue that entertains the mother of pearls that
Force your body to slip into a journey of ecstasy. Forbidden
Passion, a sea of love that's open like an ocean that's forever lasting...

Part Two: Wow, how I never experienced such excitement, with tender
Touches that are gentle, but fierce as lightning. That shiver the
Depth of my soul, provoking me, urging me to lose control within
This moment ecstasy. Unreal fantasy that's brought to life by this
Beautiful urban king. With his sensual brown eyes, fresh cut
And implanted dimples along his smile.

Damn, how this boy can drive me wild! With thoughts
Of doing things I never done, raving like a sex goddess I
Never thought I was, but eager to let my sexual ventures
Be done. So change positions, let my luscious lips place
Their soft kisses, upon your chest, travel down to your
Sinful innocence and inhale with no regrets.

Warm and moist, sweet as honey. The pressure
Continues to build as I keep going like an Energizer

Part Three - Funny how the poetry of loving making can
Intensify a man's longing. With burning heat, weaking strength
And wishes of keep going. To dwell inside the walls of a wet
Diamond, like the sun that penetrates earth with its new arising.
Filling and overflowing as both sensations are coinciding,
Deeper and deeper, thrust for thrust, closer and closer our
Rhythm becomes one, and the depth of your womb is filled with
My seed...

Part Four: No longer do I have to dream, or not believe.
Because the fantasy of sexual pleasure have now become

The End...


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