Feb. 4, 2013

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 - Love and Devotion

From A Sincere Love by Leonard Lawrie (author's profile)



Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Love & Devotion

Can you gauge the ground that I'm trying to ratify regarding this excursion that both you and I have found a hint of both mystery and passion yet causes me to be a little afraid due to reflection as not many women of reminiscent beauty has time to share with an ordinary looking man such as myself, however, my faith keeps me moving on. Amen.

I've been pondering the way you (a woman of the Lord) would look into the windows of my soul if we could sit hand in hand conversing upon our future as one for my thoughts of desire to have, and love a woman of the Lord is the very cause of composing such a letter regarding acceptance to love that's sincere and very real!

I am a very passionate man who enjoys poetry, singing, gospel music, working out, cooking, ol' school R&B, working with my hands, reading & writing, and sharing my love and intellect of the Lord Jesus as my exclaiming for acceptance is long term. (Mark 11:24, Gen 2:18, Prov 18:22).

It's difficult to explore the magic within the chemistry of true love when so many have been betrayed and let down causing them to have a wall around their heart, it's very understandable as I too have experienced such pain. I know it's caused you to become a woman of serious caution when dealing with encountering that someone who's interested in you as a person rather than what you have, what you can give or what they (men) wish/desire you to be, be that as it may, I'll not ask for any more than what I can give, nor will I confess to being blinded beyond measure in the feelings that embraces my heart as I ask of your allowing me to be the recipient of your love, a love that is real, full of compassion, trust, understanding, respect, commitment, honesty, communication, these necessary tools that reside in the foundation of companionship, tools of our heart's yearning desire, of what we who seek deserve!

It's hard to get to know someone when they're afraid to talk. You cannot build a bridge over your pains or allow your human limitations to keep you from adequately comprehending the conceivable glories of true love and affection for the journey is true happiness, the star can truly shine with a broken heart. I'm certain that I can, and will love you far past your pains as I wouldn't test, sacrifice or jeopardize either what you have come to feel for me or the love we desire to share, and be a part of! Allow me the opportunity to carry you in my spirit, closer to my heart for a more meaningful reason (love), see that gorgeous smile, and know that everything is alright, don't make me pay for their (guys of your past) mistakes!

Knowing that you're not one of hypocrisy, and are tired of being lied to, stepped on and walked over in trying to give your all in the name of love, I need you to understand that the so-called man is nothing like a man when standing in the presence of a true queen asking of acceptance... Take my hand and allow us the opportunity to explore the attraction we share, let's move forward as one with the guidance of Him who says we're worthy, Romans 5:8!

Respectfully submitted

Mr Leonard Lawrie



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