Feb. 4, 2013
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As the son of loving parents and the most loving siblings that anyone can be blessed to have, I was introduced to God's Word early. But my not seeing that I needed the fellowship of godly people constantly as I grew up, my life became complicated, and my decisions led me to steps of stupidity fighting against the principalities of darkness. Yet our heavenly Father did not give up on me. As I cried out to the Lord, tears rolled down my face. I felt as I were one of the most undeserving of men in the way my actions had hurt those who loved me, for if there's such a thing as hell on earth, I've lived it.

On the day of May 5 2007, the Holy Spirit gripped me as I screamed out my surrender to Him, asking that He become my Lord and Saviour. Let me tell you, He did just that. I never said, "If you do this, I'll do this or I'll do that." I never tried to use Him as a crutch to obtain the peace, forgiveness and love I know I deserve. At that very moment of my surrendering completely, begging him to come into my heart and make me clean and whole, His grace has delivered me from the hell I've created from myself. The first thing He did in the nano-second of stepping through the door of my heart, He said, "My son, take my hand and leave the consequences to me." A smile came upon my face for the Lord Jesus heard my cry infusing me with himself.

From that moment on, I knew what it meant to be truly alive. The Holy Spirit has opened my eyes since being born again, I've developed a wonderful relationship with Jesus and our heavenly Father as I've been placed on a road to eternity, and it's truly the best feeling one will ever experience!

I now lay it all in God's hands, 1 Cor 4:4, Dan 6:22. It leads one from darkness and guides them to the light. The Word of Truth is the one way to all things that are right. It protects us from temptation, for "it is written" is how you start. The word of Truth is all you need when you hide it in your heart. It teaches one to love their neighbor, to seek and you shall find. The Word of Truth is peace and hope and it calms a worried mind. It prepares one for a godly life, on earth then in heaven. The Word of Truth, it paves the way to the life one should live.

Mark 11:24 keeps my knees as I stand strong dressed, Eph 6:10-12, 17, seeking Prov 18:22 for I'm not meant to be alone, Gen 2:18... my heart and arms are open.


Mr. Leonard Lawrie


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