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This is a beautiful thought. I can tell you I read it many times before typing this reply.

Some people think that being human is a "right," while others believe it is an "obligation." In either case, to be human is to be born in creation from our higher power. Those with a body and a soul are no doubt human.

So this is my take (they say like some things everyone has an opinion). Consider perhaps we forfeit the right to be "holy," or "sanctified." or "justified," or "righteous," or "divine'" or even "Christian, Muslim, or Unitarian." All these things can be denied or refused while we remain fully human.

Nevertheless....good work!

I remain,
John Pfister
April 25, 2019

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Julia Posted 23 hours, 16 minutes ago.   Favorite
Hi Antoine,
thanks for the letter and blog, no carpul tunnel catched as this is a case of copy and taste, so did not type that whole thing...
Have a good day!

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Julia Posted 1 day, 8 hours ago.   Favorite
Hi Harlan Richards,
just a thought on your post, you wrote that the Us don't need foreign nationals to interfere with US elections. This is a list of countries the United States were involved in regime change since cold war, not sure it is complete, wikipedia is the source:
5.1 1950s
5.1.1 1952: Egypt
5.1.2 1943–1970s: Italy
5.1.3 1949: Syria
5.1.4 1953: Iran
5.1.5 1954: Guatemala
5.1.6 1955–1960: Laos
5.1.7 Failed coup plots against Syria
5.1.8 1957–1959: Indonesia
5.1.9 1958: Lebanon
5.1.10 1959: Iraq
5.2 1960s
5.2.1 1960: Democratic Republic of Congo
5.2.2 1960: Laos
5.2.3 1961: Dominican Republic
5.2.4 1961: Bay of Pigs
5.2.5 1960s: Cuba
5.2.6 1961–1964: Brazil
5.2.7 1963: Iraq
5.2.8 1963: Vietnam
5.2.9 1965–66: Dominican Republic
5.2.10 1965–1967: Indonesia
5.2.11 1967: Greece
5.3 1970s
5.3.1 1971: Bolivia
5.3.2 1972–1975: Iraq
5.3.3 1973: Chile
5.3.4 1979–1989: Afghanistan
5.4 1980s
5.4.1 1980-1989: Poland
5.4.2 1980–1992: El Salvador
5.4.3 1982–1989: Nicaragua
5.4.4 1983: Grenada
5.4.5 1989: Panama
6 Post-Cold War
6.1 1990s
6.1.1 1991: Kuwait
6.1.2 1991: Haiti
6.1.3 1991–2003: Iraq
6.1.4 1994–2000: Iraq
6.1.5 1997: Indonesia
6.2 2000s
6.2.1 2000: Yugoslavia
6.2.2 2003: Iraq
6.2.3 2005: Iran
6.2.4 2006–07: Palestinian territories
6.2.5 Post–2005: Syria
6.3 2010s
6.3.1 2011: Libya
6.3.2 2015–present: Yemen

At the same time the United States don't accept that the International Court of Justice would make any trial against a US citizen. To give you a headline of 2018: "John Bolton’s crusade against the International Criminal Court is so hard-lined it threatens a US invasion of Holland". Which price you feel the responsible american citizens should pay for all that interference in foreign countries? Also, nobody forced the DNC to manipulate the election of Hillary Clinton. In all polls, Bernie Sanders did better against Trump than Clinton. For a big part, they were shooting in their own foot.
Warm greetings,

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GREAT post? I've been following your blog. How about sharing your thoughts on our group blog through your RSS feed? I can connect you... Posted 1 day, 17 hours ago.   Favorite
Great interview. I've been following your blog. How about collaborating on a social media project with us. Your NEW MEDIA 3.0 is just the kind of thinking we need. WE meaning PRISONERS.😉

Posted on @Golgotha w/ piankhi by Byron Wilson @Golgotha w/ piankhi Posted 2 days, 13 hours ago.   Favorite
Thank you for your participation. And yes I 'll follow up on your request, Q. In fact, I'll be speaking with Ss(SHADOW SCRIBE)about this new phase of NEW MEDIA 3.0 THAT WE'LL SOON BE Introducing to individuals like yourself who're keeping BtB blogging.if you're interested we can set up a blog at GOOGLE Blogger for you, and you can post content to your blogger blog via your btb blog. Not quite that simple but more than manageble.also. other blogs, sites or social media platform you'd like to recover and reestablish hru an admin. You should consider SHADOW SCRIBE as well. We provide incarcerated authors and activists with the technical resources and insight to create and support all kinds of DigitL media campaigns and social networking online.

Anyway. I'll drop you some information this week to have you an idea.of where were headed.for you and WODZ
PROJECT we COLLABORATE on all SMS PROJECTS QUID PRO QUO AS NM3.0 a lot of the same way that btb/ Civic Media Labs and thosecsuch as yourself do. Feel free to ask me any questions. Later.

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