July 6, 2011


by Richard Lee Nieto (author's profile)


Blog Entry #11: Autosuggestion

A lot of the books I read are motivation based self-help books. I'm a big believer in "willpower" "self-confidence", "positive thinking" and of course Strategic thinking. I've attempted to train myself to think as a chess player; not only in the game of chess but in the game of life.
For years I've heard a lot about a book called "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I finally have it and I can see why its such a classic and favorite of so many successful people.
In it there is a chapter on Autosuggestion that gave me the topic for this entry. Autosuggestion is described as a "term that applies to all suggestions and all self-administered stimuli that reaches ones mind through the five senses. It is the agency of communication between that part of the mind where conscious thought takes place and that which serves as the seat of action for the subconscious mind."
I guess you can call it a form of self-brainwashing. "I think, therefore I am" might be one of the most recognized quotes of all time; undoubtedly, a reference to autosuggestion. I see this to be a legit psychological manipulation. It can be enforced both negatively and positively. How many times have we had negative thoughts that come to pass? Or positive outcomes where terminally ill people "miraculously" are cured. The chronically pessimistic use their autosuggestion every day. Some as the chronically optimistic. More than likely if you expect "Doom & Gloom" then Doom & Gloom you get. I know that in here where I am there are ALOT of inmates who have given up. A lot of people feel like "well I've fucked my whole life up" or "I'm a criminal/drug addict, this is all I know, what can I do?" People feel as if there is nothing to salvage. Save, there are things that a criminal record may affect; but not all is lost. I've never felt as if my life were over - so to speak. To this day I KNOW what I can accomplish; I KNOW what I'm capable of doing (both good & bad). I don't believe that my station in life is already determined. I can still determine it myself.
A real good point was made about Autosuggestion being the basis of Faith. To the religious this may be blasphemy; but it makes sense that faith and autosuggestion are one and the same. What is faith? It's a belief. A belief in what? In whatever it is you want to have faith in. Be it that God reigns suprme


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