March 15, 2013

Amerikkka, The Land Of the Free..

by Shaunterias Transon


Amerikkka, The Land of the Free

Unchain me, unhang me,
Give me back my rights...
No more sitting on the back of a bus,
Because the front was reserved for whites...
No more lower my gaze, when you walk by,
Because you thought you were superior...
You say I'm 3/5ths of a man, well I'll be damned...
If I'm made to believe I'm inferior.
You took our culture & raped our women.
I refuse to give you my pride...
You changed our language & tried to tame us,
Plus beat us with whips & raw hide...
You boxed in crates & put us on boats,
& shipped us across the Atlantic...
You distorted our history & lied to our youth,
Now, you wonder why we were so candid...
Jamestown, VA gave birth to the slave trade,
That's where you gained your capitol...
Now as we scream let freedom ring,
& you have the nerve to call us radicals...
With your Jim Crow laws,
& separate but equal clause...
What do you think I'm blind?
You even got my own people brainwashed,
Talkin' 'bout, "It's a new day, so quit living in the old times."
You need to wake the hell up & open your eyes,
Can't you see that you're being deceived...
Oh, I forgot Amerikkka got yo back...
Because, she is the land of the free!!!

Reflections from my souls,
Shaunterias Transou


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