March 23, 2013

From Newtown, Connecticut To A Town Near You

by Khalfani-Malik Khaldun (author's profile)



"Everybody loses when our children are taken from us so easily and recklessly. Killing them is like killing God and then ourselves"
...Khalfani Malik Khaldun Feb 9, 2013

Today my thoughts have been constantly considering how anyone could wake up, kill the person that gave them life (mama) and then shoot up a school full of children. The story about the children broke on the news and devastated me personally, as I thought about my children, nieces and nephews, and my grandchildren.

Unfortunately, people kill with guns, not guns kill people. Without the hand to pull the trigger, it is just a piece of steel. Having learned long ago that once a major event occurs and is witnessed around the world, sometimes a copycat emerges and seeks to outdo what was originally done. Just like hate is a learned behavior, so is the wanton desire to kill the innocent so uncaringly. Protection and self-preservation should be like a DNA pattern in our blood for all human beings. Because while there is a need to regulate certain weapons, we also need weapons to protect ourselves, children and communities.

This young white child obviously was real messed up in his head. My first vision was that this youngster was either sexually molested or bullied for a period of years. There are many disparities in America, from what goes on inside and outside of these prison walls, to the hidden and disguised racism being demonstrated by judges every day. I have had to evaluate all these school shootings and am forced to conclude that these types of incidents occur most frequently in wealthy white suburban communities. Why is that?

Self-defense has never been a crime to me, so if families resort to training their children how to shoot a weapon, how can we be mad at them. The Newtown tragedy leads me to envision this sort of thing happening again. I would be irresponsible and very wrong if I did not encourage you to be vigilant in protecting your family, by educating them how to save their own lives. I suggest the following:

(1) Training in the use of and dangers of handling a gun or a knife in their own hands.
(2) Encourage children to take up martial arts.
(3) Teach them how to meditate, so that they might minimize fear when such incidents occur.
(4) Encourage children to exercise and do yoga to help them concentrate and calm the nerves.

Let us learn from Newtown, so that if it re-occurs we are prepared to respond appropriately in hopes of saving lives, and ending this cycle of violence against innocent children. My prayers go out to all the families who lost their children, to husbands who lost their wives. May God guide and bless you through your loss and pain.

"The Struggle Continues"
Indiana Political Prisoner
Bro Khalfani M. Khaldun
AKA Leonard McQuay #874304
Pendleton Corr. Facility GCH-1-4C
4490 Reformatory Rd.
Pendleton, IN 46064


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