Jan. 20, 2014

Revolutionary Visions Wide Opened

by Khalfani-Malik Khaldun (author's profile)

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Help me Save an Innocent Life

“…A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure – cherish it.”
- Sirach 6:14
Imagine someone you love being forced to remain separated from family and friends for 29 years, that he, you, and everybody who love him have pursued every avenue to change his situation. There were people and lawyers who were trusted to help but only abused that trust abandoning the help that had been promised.

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, a (47)-year old fun-loving strong black man born and raised in Gary, Indiana, who needs your immediate help. He has lost his dear mother, (3) brothers, (2) sisters, and recently his only son since 1997. Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun has no employment, or any resources of his own, and early on in his incarceration, Khalfani’s attorneys stole from him and totally turning their backs on him.

Bro. Khalfani was to be united with his loved ones in the year 2000, but the reunion was interfered with and halted abruptly due to evil-minded men intent on having him framed on a charge of murder of a state prison officer inside the Indiana State Prison (ISP) on December 13, 1994.

The ‘elite’ members of the (IDOC) Indiana Department of Corruption put Khalfani in Solitary Confinement where he had no human or physical contact with anyone from December 13, 1994 until November 21, 2014, a total of (20)-years, years of suffering for needless undeserved threats, and harassment by prison officers, who would walk up to his cell encouraging him to just kill himself, they wanted him to commit suicide, as other men had done to escape the psychological torture. Too much exposure to prolonged isolation causes mental deterioration, the easy way out for many has been suicide. Khalfani survived those (20)-years, yet he didn’t emerge out of or leave Solitary Confinement behind unaffected. That gruesome experience coupled with (29)-years of total separation from civil society and his family, has left him battling ‘severe depression’ and has been controlled by regular medication now.

Khalfani is an educator, mentor, and an exemplary ethical and moral man, that’s evidenced by his recently earned certificate for completion and graduation in the (M.R.T.) “Moral Recognition Therapy” Program. He also organized (3) classes and taught them to the General Population at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, and these classes consisted of a Class(1) for “Coping with Grief,” Class(2) was dealing with “Overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome,” and a Class(3) was on “Understanding Prison Anger-Management.” Khalfani had a job in the Production Kitchen, where he was cooking and enrolled in a “Job Skills Program” called (IN2WORK). He was 1/3rd the way done through this program, when he was removed from both the kitchen job as well as the “Job Skills Program” by “Prisoncrats”

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for having too much influence over prisoners and female ARAMARK Staff.
To everyone who know Khalfani from his past, and those of us who have supported him for all these years, and who sincerely love and believe in him, we embrace his personal growth and humanity, and stand by his desire for freedom, We need for you to join with us and ask that you stand with us in solidarity as we say Justice Or Else: Help me Save an Innocent Life, because for Khalfani Malik Khaldun too, Black Lives Matter.

Questions & Answers

Q. How can we join the Campaign?
A. You may simply write to Khalfani via the Campaign’s e-mail likabigdog@gmail.com with all your contacts. Please explain your commitment if any or support you will contribute to us.

Q. How much money can we contribute to retain the best possible qualified attorney (hopefully a progressive one)?
A. The Campaign was told by the lawyers who are interested in pursuing the second petition - for post-conviction petition, new investigations and interviewing witnesses, plus, the hiring of private investigators; our objective is $ 20,000, so you may contribute whatever you can within your economic means.

Q. Can you write letters and send things to Khalfani to keep him focused and encouraged?
A. Anyone desiring to contribute to the Campaign with this support may do so. His current location is: Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard McQuay # 874304), W.V.C.F., P.O. Box 1111, Carlisle, IN. 47838. Any materials, like books or magazines “must” come directly from a publisher with a company letterhead; it could be denied if not OK’ed.

Q. How can we read some of Khalfani’s writings, poetry, more on his case, or his many booklets and ‘zines?
A. Those of you who contribute $50.00 or more, will be forwarded (3) of his most-requested writings as a gift. (1.) “Message to Black Women and your Daughters,” (2.)”Surviving Solitary Confinement for the Targeted Prisoner,” and his latest, (3.)”State of the New Afrikan & Nation Address.”

Q. What can we do to help the Campaign sustain itself and reach the maximum attention it requires on the case?
A. We need some younger members apart from the Day-to-Day Campaign activities, who will take to the cyber-world’s digital media highway, and tell Khalfani’s story. We also need (2) web-sites set-up immediately and one will cover the case and legal-struggle reports, and the other will be used to advertise/sell all his writings for the campaign’s projects. We also need (1) committed person to control and maintain the Facebook account. This can be set-up via (www.freewebs.com). You may conduct interviews about your support for the Campaign to Free Khalfani Malik Khaldun at: (www.blogtalkradio.com).

Q. Shouldn’t the Campaign have a Team of active supporters on stand-by to make calls or write letters, send e-mails to confront any harassments or medical concerns/emergencies that Khalfani may encounter while awaiting our work to bring him home?

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A. The Campaign, with your help and commitment to assist us with e-mail contacts, will create: The Family & Friend’s Campaign to Free Khalfani Emergency Response Team list. Each of you will receive a list that genuinely want to, and have helped the Campaign, the people to be notified and contacted will be on that list; all Campaign Members should establish a regular commu-nication with Khalfani, so that you can know him as we do – this way he will give you a first-hand account of any situation.

Q. Can we visit Khalfani once we join the Campaign or is he limited in who he can see?
A. Khalfani is only allowed 10-15 friends and family included on his approved visiting list. You must be on the list to visit, you will be denied if you are on

another prisoner’s visitation list. If you are approved, you have a choice to travel to the compound to see him, which is what he prefers for those who live close by. But, if you are far away, you may visit (www.jpay.com) and set-up a Jpay account, and you’ll need a web-cam program on your computer and then pay a fee for a video-visit arranged by this facility. They say you can upload a (Jpay ‘mobile-app’), and then receive e-mails, pictures, videograms, from Khalfani and you may send them also in return, once you’ve uploaded the (Jpay ‘mobile-app’) to your phone. Khalfani has to send you a ‘friend request’ via the “Kiosk System” operating here at this compound. This system allows you to visit from the comfort of your very own homes; we encourage you to check this out.

Q. How can we read any or all of Khalfani Malik Khaldun’s earlier writings?
A. You can e-mail twitchon@gmail.com and anthonyrayson@hotmail.com, and request a copy of some of Khalfani’s writings. There will be a (25)-chapter book by him called “Like Father like Son: A Father’s Love and Devotion for his Son.” Some sample electronic files of a few chapters will be shared online. Proceeds collected from the book sales will go to a fund for his son’s children. You may pre-order the book if you want by contacting the 1st e-mail above.

Q. So, time is of the essence for raising money to pay the lawyers for Khalfani to secure a better defense towards his immediate release?
A. Yes, time IS of the essence. We need that money raised as quickly as possible, because as long as he remains in their custody, he will be the subject of terrible conditions and ill treatment, especially poor medical care. Khalfani is battling major depression – we don’t want him suffering any longer or have new problems occur. We are hoping to have a legitimate account set-up for the money to be sent from contributors to

(www.paypal.com) we’ll only have (90) days to raise $20,000.00. Stand with us – and contribute to this worthy cause. For those of you who don’t use credit cards – you can secure a Postal Money Order for “Khalfani’s Defense,” and send it, made out to:

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“Making the Impossible Possible”

How can we fight against all the odds –
when our enemies seek our demise with evil eyes –
can we dig deep down inside and not conceal or hide –
the historical Pride and Strength and Blood in our Eye…?

Do we surrender when it seems all hope is gone –
when it seems everyone has left us in here all alone…?

The courts has said you won’t be going home –
do we give up…or hold on or give in to defeat –
do we listen to our spirit’s voice that says –
Brother – you must keep keepin’ on…?

Can we make the Impossible Possible –
by holding our heads up and our chest out –
study hard and trying to figure out a better route –
that will open up those gates so that our bodies,
hearts, souls, and minds will be free –
will you struggle or die for me…?

Do the un-doable and make it happen –
let’s make the Impossible Possible…
Freedom for Khalfani is the reward.

By: Khalfani Malik Khaldun – 1/26/2016

[Poem # 2]

”You Stop Believing in Me”

Never thought it would come to this –
you promised to stand with me when we first kissed –
our love was genuine – a single visit you never missed –
now all I do is think of you as a dream –
as I turn and twist…

You Stop Believing in Me –
has my love in your heart died?
Sorry for any nights I made you hurt or cry –
for each time you thought I misled you or lied –
you were the Love of my Life –
Soulmate of my Heart – Queen my Wife…

You Stop Believing in Me Love –
I knew when it happened ‘cause your visits stopped –
and the large number of your letters to me dropped –
when my words wouldn’t move you to action –
my heart and soul felt the lack of attraction –
what we shared and had it was beautiful –
like strange magic…

Yo stop Believing in Me –
Sweetheart – you said that if we couldn’t be lovers –
that we surely could be true friends –
devoted to being concerned for and about each other’s happiness, care, and well-being…

How did things come to this my dear Love –
our love was our pleasure –
your heart, body, and mind was my protected treasure…?
We can’t let it end this way –
I am your King – I shout out in the dark and say –
as I bow on both knees and prayed –
You Stop Believing in Me…

By Khalfani



Stand tall and dare to be great, dare to move beyond the limited ideas of others, dare to think for yourselves for the future.

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Dare to stretch your imagination to where beauty is the norm, rather than an ignorant accident stomped upon in the stupor of quick ‘highs’ and lies masquerading as truth.
Dare to be beautiful in your talents, dare to be strong, and a creative-fire and love be courageously yours.
Justice for Khalfani Malik Khaldun of Else – Be Powerful
Power to the People !!

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