July 11, 2011


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Can someone please tell us who are the top Canadian surgeons? Who are the top Canadian Business men and women? Who are the top Canadian scientists? And who are the most known Canadian athletes, musicians and actors around the world?
Well, finally there is a new and historic movement to record and celebrate Canadian excellence and achievement around the world. This new and historic movement's name is The Great Canadian Power Network. We want to build local community websites in every country around the world where there are Canadians living, working and achieving great things in their daily lives.
We want other Canadians to help us celebrate Canadian greatness. We also want to highlight and post daily events in each Canadian community around the world. But we can't build this movement alone. We need all of the patriotic Canadian citizens in Canada and around the world to help us.
The first thing you can do is, after reading this posting, post any ideas you may have on what we could do to make our local Canadian community websites interesting to all of the Canadian nationals around the world. Tell us want kind of Canadian patriot we should highlight and profile? How should we write about them? Why is this movement important to you?
Next, and this is really important, if you support this uniquely Canadian movement, go to our new Canadian cultural luxury branded merchandise and apparel store at www.cafepress.com/GreatCanadian and buy some of our branded merchandise and apparel. The only way that we can afford to build all of these local Canadian community websites is if we sell at least $1 million dollars of our Canadian cultural luxury branded merchandise and apparel.
Finally, and this is the most important part, tell all your Canadian friends and family about this new movement. Tell them to contribute by buying merchandise and apparel at our store ww.cafepress.com/GreatCanadian. Tell them to leave ideas about how we could build this new movement to record and celebrate Canadian excellence and Canadian achievement around the world. If you are Canadian, or if you love the Canadian country and culture, this is your movement!
This new Canadian movement stands for Canadian excellence and Canadian achievement. Only positive Canadian people and achievers! By helping us build this movement, you will help other Canadian around the world by setting positive examples of Canadian excellence and Canadian achievement. Take a moment to envision what such a movement would look like.
By joining this uniquely Canadian movement, you and other Canadians will make a dramatic difference in the lives of other Canadians around the world. By contributing, you will have a direct role in this movement. A highly visible role because all of the people who contribute to this historic Canadian movement will be remembered by being posted on our Great Canadian Power Network 'Wall of Founders Page"
You will also be responsible for inspiring and motivating other Canadians around the world because we will provide living examples of Canadian greatness that they could possibly emulate in their lives.
By helping to build this historic movement, you will set the agenda for Canadians in the future, because everyone will look to the Canadians who have achieved for insight into the future of Canada and Canadians around the world. You will have significant power.
There you have it. A new Canadian movement that will contribute to Canadian greatness around the world. Join our movement to record and celebrate Canadian excellence and Canadian achievement today by giving us your best ideas about how to build this movement. Go to our store www.cafepress.com/GreatCanadian and then tell your family and friends about this new movement.
This is a deeply proud movement. We want there to be no doubt that we are a uniquely Canadian movement for Canadians around the world. Join us and help us build a unique and historic movement. Thank you.
The Great Canadian Power Network


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