June 2, 2011

Emergency Blog Post: The AmericanPowerNetwork Movement Presents Our: Health Prevention Series

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The AmericanPowerNetwork Movement Presents Our:

Health Prevention Series


The AmericanPowerNetwork Movement would like to inspire Americans to do three things: 1.) Live a psychological and emotional stress free life 2.) Become richer in monetary ways to live your life 3.) Live a life free of disease or be as healthy as you can possibly be. We will be using our Health Prevention Series to outline important health care issues that face Americans in their lives.

Our first posting in our Health Prevention Series is what can Americans do to prevent diabetes? And post anecdotes about people we know that are living with diabetes. Also, we are going to ask you to support the AmericanPowerNetwork Movement by going to our store at www.cafepress.com/AmericanPower.

With diabetes, glucose builds up in the blood because it can't get into the cells. This is because the pancreas either: Type 1, makes little or no insulin. Or Type 2, makes insulin but the cells can't use it correctly. What we would like to accomplish with the emergency posting is to ask any Americans who are either living with diabetes or are knowledgeable about diabetes to post what they think could help people possibly prevent the onset of diabetes. Should Americans focus on their diet, weight, exercise or attitude. Please post the top two things that you think people should pay attention to in their daily lives to possibly stop diabetes from coming into their lives. Our goal is to raise awareness about how Americans can live healthy.

We want to inspire and motivate Americans to live a healthy life. Help us by posting the things that Americans can do to stay free of diabetes if it is even possible. Let us know your thoughts.

Diabetes is difficult to live with. Tell us if you know of any Americans who are living with diabetes and excelling in their lives. Tell us something positive about their story. Enlighten us about how they prosper with diabetes. These examples are important for setting examples of excellence and achievement.

Finally, support the AmericanPowerNetwork Movement by going to www.cafepress.com/AmericanPower cultural luxury branded merchandise and apparel store and buy some of our limited edition AmericanPowerNetwork Movement merchandise and apparel. All profit from our store will go towards building our local community websites that will highlight Americans all over the world who are exhibiting excellence and achievement in their lives. So post your diabetes stories, go to our store and be a part of America's fastest growing movement to record and celebrate American cultural excellence and American cultural achievement around the world.

Diabetes awareness was inspired to us by a very special person. She is a beautiful person, whose wisdom I really respect and appreciate. She has the eyes of an angel and she is selfless and gives of herself. She has provided me with the example of helping others that I will never forget. Her inspiration to me endures everyday. To her I just want to say thank you for your guidance, your intellect and your big heart.


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