Aug. 30, 2011

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Why we love them, why do we gather at them, and what is your favorite bar story?

Please tell me what is it about American bars that make us love them. What is it about Friday and Saturday nights that make us love going out to them? The AmericanPowerNetwork would like to celebrate with you this proud and very under appreciated American institution.

Do we love our bars, night clubs, saloons, and taverns because they give us a meeting place to mingle with others? Is it so we can feel good? To possibly hook up (have sex) with someone? Could someone please tell us what it is about bars that make them so fun?

How many times have you or some group that you are affiliated with gather at them? On Fridays, work tends to speed up in anticipation of several people in the office going down the road to talk, commiserate, or celebrate the past week's triumphs or tragedies. Do we gather at the bar to possibly knock back a few and blow off some steam?

The AmericanPowerNetwork is looking for your courageous and uplifting stories about your very own bar experiences. We want to salute and highlight the wonderful people who work in one of America's greatest institutions that has done so much good through its long and fabled history in this country.

Why do you suppose that we gather at them? Please tell us why. Or just tell us your best story. It could be of triumph or just how you and a friend(s) can gather to make a really good time. Why has this story remained as one of your most treasured memories. Post your story after this post.

The AmericanPowerNetwork is a new and growing covenant that celebrates American excellence and American achievement around the world. In a world of constant negativity, we want to celebrate America as that shining light on the hill.

The AmericanPowerNetwork would like to be a happy place for those who don't want to be mirred down into negativity. Our plan is to build local community websites that will record and celebrate the positive daily events in that community, along with highlighting and celebrating all the amazing people in those communities.

To build all of these thousands of local websites from around the world, we need your support. Go to our new cultural luxury branded merchandise and apparel store at and buy at least $100 worth of our new American branded merchandise and apparel.

Stay connected to this blog to find out the new things that the AmericanPowerNetwork movement will be releasing to build this global movement to record and celebrate American cultural excellence and American cultural achievement. Thank you for your support.

The AmericanPowerNetwork


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