Dec. 15, 2010

Living Life as a Christian Behind Prison Walls/Bars Without Family or Friends

by Jerry M. Odhams


Living life as a Christian behind prison walls/
bars without family or friends

To the readers who have husbands & wives, family and friends...people may not seem like they are a blessing in your life, but trust me, having someone in your life to stand by your side when times get tuff may make a big difference when facing food or bad times!!!

Prison is like nothing you will ever go thru, especially if you don't have family or friends, but if you are a Christian living life behind prison walls and bars even in prison you will find something to thank God for and something to be thankful of & thankful for.

There is just something about a Christian citizen. He's got Jesus/God in his life. I'm no talking about the man who tote the bible on day or nite each week but I'm talking about that person who loves Jesus, who walks Jesus, who breathes Jesus - that person who has surrendered mind, heart, soul and body to the will of Jesus. I'm talking about that man or woman who have given up on themselves because they have found out that nothing matters or makes then happy as giving Jesus that one more thing and made Him Lord over everything in your life.

I like this scripture spoken in James 4:8 "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you..." How do you draw near to God? The next sentence in James 4:8 say "Cleanse your hand, you sinners, and purify your hearts you double minded." The results of these (2) two things: Cleaning your hands and purifying your hearts will bring you near to God. Living like as a Christian behind prison walls and bars without family or friends can become a productive pasttime for one who is in prison when you apply these three things

1. Confession of sins
2. Repentance and
3. Surrender

Don't just say "Lord forgive me of my sins" sit down, lay down or do whatever you do when you think and think about the past and the present regarding things you know you did that you know wasn't right before God, and ask God to forgive you of every single act, act by act as they come to your mind. You will be richly rewarded as you confess, repent and surrender.

I tell you I have been richly REWARDED by doing those 3 things - I have joy, peace and a comfort that surpasses all my human understanding and I know that if you do the three thinkgs I mentioned above, you will enjoy the peace, the comfort, the joy of the Lord in your life as you go thru whatever experience you are experiencing in your life.

All questions, comments and correspondence is welcomed and may be sent to:

Jerry M. Odhams
Hutchins State Jail
1500 E. Langdon Rd.
Hutchins, TX 75241

May God bless you as you confess, repent, and surrender!


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