July 5, 2012

AMC 2012

by Jerry M. Odhams


Jerry M. Odhams
James Byrd Unit C9-3
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June 21, 2012

Between the Bars
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AMC 2012

The most pressing issues that the network should focus on at the meeting of "Communication Strategies Against Mass Incarceration" are:

1. Overhaul preexisting penal offenses (some offenses have changed in degree of felony and punishment and thereby reflect preexisting sentences punishment cruel and unusual and excessive).

2. It should be unconstitutional for the trial court to enhance a misdemeanor offense to a felony; this injustice contributes to mass overcrowding.

3. Parole release unfair; when a releasee violates a condition or rule, he/she is sent back to prison without committing a new offense.

4. To answer the question, "What support do I need that I am not getting?"
1. I have to acquaint you with the issue I am incarcerated for:
(a.) I am a parole violator in the state of Texas
(b.) I am incarcerated for no new charge
(c.) There are no specified support programs stated by parole officials for an offender to regain freedom
(d.) As a parole violator (no new criminal offense committed) I have been confined for over 27 months. "Why?" Just because the parole board has exclusive power!

5. To answer the question "Are there any changes to law that 'you all' should advocate for?"
(a.) I have to state what type of an offense I am incarcerated for and what type of time I received:
1. I am charged with burglary of a vehicle
2. I received 40 years
3. I have spent 15 years in prison
4. The law has changed the maximum punishment for such an offense to "2 years in state jail"

Thank you for your voice! Respectfully Submitted


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