July 21, 2011


by Darrel (Terra) O'Key (author's profile)


Constant struggle
to find
some meaning
in the mirror's reflection
who is that?
who are you?
why are you?
you are loved
except when you aren't
you belong
except when you don't
you are strong
except when you're weak
why do we play these games
with each other?
I see you
you see me
we are identical
the reflection tells me so
so why
are we so different?
why can't we exist at the same time
why are we not one
how can we be so different
there's no you
without me
Now you can see

So young to feel so old;
So old to feel so young;
So many feelings conflicting;
So many fears and disappointments.

Too young to feel so old;
Too old to feel so young;
Too many feelings conflicting;
Too many tears in such a short
span of time—

How young is too young?
How old is too old?
How many fears and disappointments are possible
in a lifetime?
How many tears does an answer
Demand? ...



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