July 21, 2011

My Mission in Life

by Darrel (Terra) O'Key (author's profile)


July 2011 BLog

Dear Annie,

Thank you so much for your comment and your interest in my blog. I was beginning to wonder if people were even visiting this site.

Love American experience, by the way. I happen to be one of the lucky ones. My father and brother are always supportive, even when they don't quite understand. I unfortunately wasted my fabulousness in a life filled with street prostitution and drugs. I thought that was the only place I could be totally accepted. I was taught that, that was the only place for people like me. My mission in life now is to save other young trans people from making that mistake. I was lucky enough to have went through a program, Amity Foundation, which was a therapeutic community that taught me there is another way. Sadly, I had a relapse and this was the end result.

I know now that there can be a good life, and that the beliefs I once had I no longer hold onto. As far as we have come for gay rights, we have a long way to go for trans rights. It is the last hold out. There is a way too much prejudice surrounding trans people still. A lot of that has to do with that damn Jerry Springer. :)

Thank you again for your support. I encourage you to write to me with any questions you may have. My address is on my profile page. Always remember: when life gives you lemons, tuck 'em. :) My next few posts will be about being trans in prison and what really goes on here.

All my best,

Please share my blog address with all of your friends and have them share it with their friends. Thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon.


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