May 14, 2013
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April 25, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

My deepest appreciation and warmest friendship is extended to all those wonderful people who commented on my last blog. And to the many that has written direct letters, I want you to know "I'm listening", and haven't avoided your many questions, nor letters just 'cause - with college and work (even in prison), time is of the essence :). But I especially wanted to thank those listed below who made outstanding contributions at getting to know me personally as a man, instead of some inmate behind bars.

Sparkle, for your understanding, and for all the laughs we have. My son, for just making me proud and for the happiness.

Cloe Ann and husband; Tracy and her pet dog Smith; Big Myron; Diane B; Professor Henze; Minister Glenda Lovett; Marco; Donald; Lawyer Joseph Cincotta; Jim Drooger in Australia; Cabilan G in the Philippines; Donna in Trinidad; The Quarters; Senator Lena Taylor and Senator Spencer Coggs (thanks for making me see the bigger picture); Sandra W; Mica from Rhode Island; to all my friends in Boston (Stay Boston Strong!) And Toni, & thank you all.

However, please leave a common on two of my most blogs. Some asked me "What will I ask President Obama to change for inmates?" Read: Attention President Obama.

Secondly, some asked me "How much have I costed taxpayers or how what's the number behind me?"

Third, to the many that wanted to know "The characteristics of inmates in four categories". I hope these blogs help you understand the inside more? They're all a prescription at helping each other. Enjoy!

Larry W. Johnson


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