Aug. 2, 2011

Life In String

by Justin A Barron (author's profile)


Life in Strong
Justin A. Barron


[Little stick man: "Woot! Only two mistakes!"]

String, even if you tighten one end, there's always on that comes loose. Meaning nothing is perfect and, even if you'd tighten it all and it is perfect, you end up having to change it eventually thus messing it all up. You tighten it by adding more to it and sometimes the string snaps, loosening everything in that area and loosening some in others. Sure, you can tighten it back up by adding more or retying the string but, no matter what, it's never the same. It changes like all things in life until it shapes into a picture that was hidden, waiting to be found.

Every string has a purpose, just like people do. Some snap to give a new meaning in view. Using the snapped string to tie it to a new one and creating a new point in its direction. By following the string with a finger, you will find that you often come to a crossroad, a split, or a four, five, or even an eight way crossing. The choices we make. Some strings we loose and skinny. Some are doubled in string but may still be loosen. Others are still thin but strongly tightened. Some lead to any and everywhere. Some can lead to nowhere but dead ends.

When you look at it from above, you'd see something. On the bottom another. Even at eye level, you will see something. But different in every way, in every view, you'll see something different and new every time, all the time. Meanings, choices, purpose, change, even points of view are all learned from this. Pointless at first, a simple task of tying random patterns of string becomes something so much more.

Deep meanings are everywhere, we just need to open our minds to see it. I found it in string. Where will you find it?


To the readers,
This was really inspired by tying string. I was in Irvine County Jail when I wrote this. Tying shredded pieces of string from a towel, from one bunk to another. I was in disciplinary at the time, known as SHU or the hole. I was so board as PC (protective custody) I did anything just to pass the time. At one point I actually tied myself in a corner. The officers thought I was the weirdest they ever saw, trapped in my own web of string. LOL


The sky, a brilliant color of cream


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