July 1, 2013

Comment Reponse

by Allen T. Gilmore (author's profile)
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Blog From Within The Gulag
(April 9, 2013)


V-28333, C.M.C. EAST
P.O. BOX 8101-HIGHWAY 1.

MAY 30, 2013

P.O. BOX 425103


Dear Ms Taylor:

I'm extremely delightful to hear from you again
and I'm further extremely delightful to share in your personal
dilemma that you and your son Randy have been forced to endure on
a daily basis for who knows how long.

Nevertheless Linda, believe me when I tell you that
I know absolutely how you feel, and you have the right to feel
as you do towards a system, that has inflicted total destruction
upon you and your family under the disguise of justice and fairness
to your disadvantage and their advantage.

Further, you're absolutely right Linda, 90% of what
happens to us is beyond our control, with a 10% self reaction but,
it's always easy to do the wrong thing instead of doing the right
things Linda. Don't ever forget that.

Why don't you encourage Randy to get involved in litigating his
case, and with prayer and Randy's self determination in legally
rectifying his current situation, maybe relief will come to him
and you sooner than the both of you guys think, Linda.

I took the time to teach myself the mechanics of the
American legal system Linda, and in doing so, I can inform you
that I have seen a side of the legal system that I had been a part of
in a light that will forever be a beam of realization until the
day that I decease.

Law is what placed your son where he is now, and law
is what will bring him back home to you, that's a fact Linda, all
you and Randy need is faith in the ability to overcome what has
been placed upon him and you as well, and keep moving forward
extending complete kindness to those you encounter, as in Hebrew

I had 25-to-life Linda, and I never gave up on the fact
that I would regain my freedom, sooner than a lot of people would
believe; however, the way I fought utilizing the law to obtain
the liberty that I so easily relinquished, made me realize how much
I had given away so easily.

Now I have something that I can build upon and further, extend to
those individuals seeking the light of inspiration when there's
nothing left but the sight of prison, a long sentence and no one
in your corner for support.

Sometimes Linda, we have to pray for those who have lost
their way, be strong for those who have fallen weak, aid and
completely support those who need our assistance, and most important
Linda, we must at all time never forget our struggle, aim and
final destination to always overcome chaos and confusion we are
constantly faced with.

I promise you I have Randy in my prayers and believe me
when I tell you prayer works, Linda.

P.S. If you want to you can
correspond directly to me at: Allan Tracy Gilmore,
V-28333, C.M.C. East, P.O. Box 8101-Highway 1., San Luis Obispo, CA 93409.

Also, my sentence is in the process of being recalled, and I'll
be resentenced to time served, Linda. I enjoy corresponding with
you and hopefully will hear directly from you.



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