Oct. 25, 2013

2 My Daughter

by Allen Johnson



To My Daughter

Not knowing you hurts me more than not being
able to be there for you.
And to apologize would be like disrespect to you.
Even though it's not my true intent,
it's all I can offer you...
Besides my tears.
And even those hold no merit,
for the pain I've caused.
Even if you were to forgive me one day,
it wouldn't make up for the time we've lost.

To hear you were adopted
almost ended my life,
only the chance at one day knowing you
is why I haven't ended my fight.

And even though I don't deserve your forgiveness
you will "forever" be my baby.
And though I have no right asking this of you,
(But I will)
"Please" don't hate me.


Shall I not speak of the truth.
The truth that romances reality.
And to which so many have become casualties;
Shall I reveal close kept secrets that
only the suffering can teach?
That truly can't be embraced beyond the mind's
But only true to one's belief,
when breached,
only by action will the key become peace.
Or shall I say what was the blame.
And what would it take for one to be whole
When truly there are no words to express such a private pain.

Shall I gather the broken pieces of my soul?
Shall I drop my head,
drag my feet,
and confine myself to alone?

Allen Johnson


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Calhoun25 Posted 10 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
I hope this helps: Keep on fighting, Allen! You'll get to meet your daughter one day. If you give up now, then you will know for sure that you will never meet her. But as long as you keep going, you still have a shot.

By the way, you're poetry is very musical! I couldn't help but read it in a singing voice.


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