Oct. 25, 2013

Pondering It All...

by Chuck Thompson (author's profile)


Pondering it all...

The tension between the institutionalised and free just society are another kind of double helix. like my own, its spirals are frayed. I do believe that with educating society the thread can be re-woven. I believe in this great country and myself. Having had my eyes wide open, indeed opened from this side of the razor wire fences. I've witnesses texas dispatch roughly 350 plus souls to the great beyond in my 15 year tennor. Heaven or pegatory are things for sure, I judge them not.

So I can say with humility that everything that happened to me int he past to present has molded me into a mature man. It look me a long time to grow up and become responcible, most importantly that fact i returned to my faith. Prior to that day i was lost wondering in the dark.

i've always been a believer - just chose to indulge in a poor life style ripe with bad choices. I'm a man of religion like millions of americans. the tension between my soul and flesh is a hard struggle. I fall, stumble, sin like everyone does - its our nature and human. I still make mistakes but I am not going to let those errors destroy my self respect.

I live life one day at a time now...I have inner peace, true happiness. My hearts free from every worldly care, calm to destiny's design. The serinity I sought in that gradeur world - those thoughts dreams and wealth are a distant past.

man cant remake his past, yet he must set his sights on building a new life and future, destine to finally embrace the full experience of life.

A question every person might ask is - what would we do in times of trouble? Usually - the question is followed by another - asking why such discouraging and unfortunate events have happened to us? Why?

I have been raised to always forgive someone no matter what it is that was done. I can not fathom feelings that someone experiences loosing a loved one either to henious crime or to the vicious cycle of Texas death row. I dont know how I would of reacted if free and viewing this from the other side of the fence.

Many only see one side of the process - from the victims, prosecution, media positions. There are lives behind the stories, other than the charged and convicted.

the revenge or retribution - executing people - solves nothing. It does create a new set of victims. The convicted offensers family, children, parents loved ones, wives, girlfriends, extended family. All become victims of this process.

For anyone to say it brings closure - is a narrow view, of the society as a whole. Universally - the karma is disrupted. as new pain, hurt, lose is spread like a riple through a pond.

To ignore this never ending cycle of violence - is no way to exist as a civilised society. With the technological advances - facts and stat's that clealy prove its cheeper to use life or life w/out parole. All this factors serve society and the just means to an end with closure.

We all count for something because essentially we embody life, if we do not respect it - then what? life is waisted. All the future is but a remake of past lives...as history has taught us again and again. inward mobility, courage, valor, chivalry, unselfishness duty - these are noble morals to adhear to. Obedience to God, Family loved ones friends - all strike a deeper inner meaning and real emotions in me. these are triblating times we live in and the future is unclear. Embrace what you hold dearest for we know not what tomorrow holds, only today, the here and now.

From a man who had one foot in the grave, has been blessed with change... Hope - is a good thing.

Chuck Thompson


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Paul Posted 6 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
It always comes down to the system being wrong and revenge/retribution being unjust. Poor death row inmates..........what about our family and friends that the system are making victims. It costs more to kill us than to house us. It's like a broken record.

The fact is that you all either murdered one or more people or were party to their murders. You set the wheels in motion and left devastation in your wake. The victims lives taken, oft times slowly and painfully and then we get the old 'woe is me ' 'the system is unfair'

Ultimately you and you alone are responsible for your situation. You all need to ask forgiveness from your family and friends for putting them in this position by your actions. The state enforces the laws that you have broken; They do not create the victims that are your family and friends.

It is the victims who can tell what brings closure ..........not the persons who caused their endless grief. To preach about what is civilised after murdering two people in cold blood is unworthy to their memory.


Chuck Thompson Posted 6 years, 3 months ago.   Favorite
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Paul Posted 6 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
The fact that you did not succeed in slaughtering both Darren Cain and Dennise Hayslip at the same time is incidental to the fact that it was your intention.

Kelly Seigler is not in a position to tell a victims daughter anything. It is arrogant and presumptious.

Prosecutors had the right to seek the death penalty at your re-sentencing. The guilty verdict was not affected by the appeal courts ruling. You created ALL the victims and should be man enough to accept that.


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