Nov. 28, 2013

Jen.... "Hey!, Sis In Law!"

by Guadalupe Hernandez (author's profile)


Oct 24th 2013

Jen :) Hey ! Sis in law ! :)

Well, I moved again. This is my new home for at least another 7 months. I'm still in confinement, so it's not all that exciting of a transfer but at least I won't be moving any time soon. I hate being bounced around from prison to prison. The reason I'm still in confinement is because I still owe 7 months confinement. It's complete on 5/19/13. By the way... I wanted to say that when I write you all letters, you all can just email me in response. OK?! I've come to understand that a lot of people email now. Here's my new address:

G Hernandez # H-07444
CSP-SAC/ A3-105-L
PO Box # 290066
Represa, CA 95671

Please find enclosed a Chicago Bears drawing that I did for your son (my #1 nephew already, as he's a Bears Fan). Sorry it's not all that great or big, but as I'm currently in the SHU (confinement), I have no access to my normal art supplies. It's not permitted in here (SHU). However, I will not forget that when I'm out of the SHU, I will do him a bigger/better drawing. Promise. They have an art instructor here, so maybe I can ask him for a big piece of card stock paper, to do a big Bears drawing? Let's see what happens. Speaking of football... do you and Andres have a favorite team?, (and don't say "Cowboys"). I actually was a Cowboys fan in the mid 80s, then I switched to Chicago Bears. It's a hometown thing, you can say. Did my dad like sports? Who was his football team (if you know)? How about basketball, hockey or baseball? Did he have a sport that liked most (team?)?

Hey! Is the watermelon really good in Dilley, TX? I read it in an article, "The Home Slice". Well, have a slice for me next time. Just kidding with you.

On my mom's side of family, we are from Monterrey, Mexico (Nuevo Leon). Do you know what part of Mexico my dad's family is from? My grandmother's mom was born in Mexico, my grandmother was born in Texas. On my mom's side, I still got family in Texas & Mexico, but I don't know them. I tried hard to contact them, but according to my grandmother, she says my family is anti-social. She's so funny.

Does Ronnie or Anna have a Facebook or email so I can try to contact them? How about a home address, where I can write to them? I would like to reach them somehow.

Did I ever tell you that I'm on a blog? I got some poems and drawing, and profile on there.

I almost forgot to ask... Do you all have any photos of my dad? Even just one would do great. I wanna see how he looks. Do I look a lot like him?

Okay, Jen... I hope I didn't ask too many questions at one time. I actually got hundreds more to ask, but I don't want to flood you with them, so I'll ask a few at a time. Till next time, take care. I close as I opened, with love and respect to you all.

Sincerely, Luke


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