Jan. 21, 2014

In Memory Of My Dad, Who Died This Christmas Day

by William McKenzie (author's profile)


In memory of my dad who died this Christmas day, 2013.
by Billy

Please, dear God, help me to stop this pain.
Once again, I'm here to ask you to explain.
Why, dear God, does this hurt so much?
Please, dear Cord, allow me to feel your comforting touch
Please let Him know I still need his teachings
After all these years, they weren't just idle preachings
I don't understand why you look him from me
When I was so close to coming home
I didn't think i'd feel this way
It hurts within bones
I wanted to show him I could it clean this time
That I'll never return back to that life of crime
Give him peace, and let him know his son, is finally
growing into a man
It took me a while, Lord, but I'm living within your
Please, dear God, tell me he didn't leave this Christmas
Because he couldn't face his son for just being
Please just love him as I do, no matter what he may think
Please keep him lifted on high, never to let him sink
He showed me so much, Lord, I just refused to understand
That just caused me to walk alone sometimes in a barren land
I know he loved my mom for over fifty years
through all your many blessings, and I'm sure through many tears
Please open your arms, Lord, accept him unto your own
Let him be welcomed and loved in your blessed home
Please, let him know, Lord, my ninth step to him
Will be to make a living amends
Please, dear Lord, for this I ask to be able to
see him once again
So Dad, as I pray these words, please
Know I love you and miss you
so very, very much
And as sad as I am right now,
I feel your guiding and gentle touch.

Peace, Love,
December 26th, 2013

I'm sorry, guys. I've got to close this for now. Please pray for my man and know I think of each of you as you struggle against your own oppressors. Stay cool, stat clean, and stay sober.



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bookman Posted 9 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
Hi Billy,
I'm so sorry about your father and the lack of decent treatment by the guards there. You don't deserve that.

I'm getting another package together. I have a copy of Sstranger at the Gate by Mel White. I imagine you have read that by now but let me know.
I'll keep you in my thoughts. Sorry I don't write any more.
It's so d***** cold here. Right now it's 10º, -3ºtonight with wind chills of -30ºs. I Don't go out much. I just want to stay home and read or watch TV.

Answer me about the book.
Love, Bookman

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