Sept. 1, 2014

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by William McKenzie (author's profile)


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August 19th 2014


Hello, and thank you for your contact letter of Khalid Shamsud Diyn. However, could you please relay back this message for me:


Greetings Brother,

Thank you for reaching out, however, at this time I cannot find my self in good conscience using any of my loved ones as a 'three way'. Please allow me to explain, 21 years I'd say is my biggest reason. I've been behind these bars that long. It may not be as long as yourself but it's still long enough. I've seen all types of game convicts play on people in the world, and here, being an open homosexual I've even been at the wrong end of some pretty good ones.

Because of my drug use I have no one in the free world, besides a few family members that stayed down with me. I do have a n/a sponsir but I couldn't ask him for two reasons. 1) I asked him to be my 12 step sponsor, nothing else, and well the program is anonymous.

Now 'Bayh'. That does not mean I don't wish to help you in any way I can and you must know this, I do! You're just going to have to help me a little more to reach you. If I can do it, I will get to you.

Please also know this: I'm in Texas, one of the worst prison systems in the WORLD. I've asked many times for safe keeping, but the answer is always the same 'you don't portray enough feminine characteristics.' I believe if it wasn't for places like Between the Bars, Black and Pink and a few others, I'd become a statistic.

On a lighter note, I grew up in Lexington Park, MD and wish to anything my father would not have come to this state. I'm not saying I wouldn't have eneded up in prison, but I know I wouldn't be living as I do here in this Texas system.

So, Bayh, I'd like to leave you and your friend Hannah, aka 'Hatchue' a poem and a reassurance. Please don't let this stop us from contacting each other. I do wish to help you.

Stay Healthy - Stay Safe!

Peace, Billy.

A Poem for Bayh and Hatchue,
By Billy

Billy's World of Concrete

Vicious dogs, vampries and trolls,
Lurking around the morality of our souls
Snakes, demons, monsters and fiends,
Electric chair, gas chambers, plus the juice
inside, always something, never is there a truce,
Blood of angry Gods upon my door post
Spread it round people, love we it the most
A killer, a convict, a hater, a whore
Gathered around me, my tormentors, these psychic carnivores,
Verbal orgies in my head devoid of sound
I spend my nights with imaginary lovers renowm
Holy Ghost
Where are they when we need the most
Kidney failure, Hep C, HIV, a spider bite if you plase
But mostly MRSA brings us to our knees.
Financial struggle, chep wine, cupid's itch
Sooner or later we start to believe life's a bitch
The battlefield's always full of surprises
The one least likely always rises
Looks down at you with his ice cold stare
Is he your creation or is he our creation
Day after day living under his exploitation
A killer, a convict, a lover, a whore
They seem to be everywhere, these psychic carnivores
Their bodies lie dead across the dayroom floors
Crimson blood shines bright, as it flows under my cell door
Passionate love, his knife still in his hand
He kills and kills he just no longer gives a damn
Baffled by these fatal facts, I'm told, 'It's how the 'game' is played'
I'm just looking to be understood
Except I'm ostrasized for not loving who they say I should
Sorrowful tears escape my tired eyes
'It's the way the 'game' is played', they say, everybody dies
Each day I prostrate myself so humbly
For all the angry gods to see
For what? A quantum of control
My tired eyes take in this chaos, in a panoramic view
Keep listening to you laugh at me for what I just said
Knowing in your heart you wish I were dead.
So, for you, I lay this pistol up against my head
I just can't take any more of your dread
As I draw my knees up to my chest
I wish my friend, family, even you, the very best
With one quick blast
Sweet Jesus, it's over at last
This was my world of concrete
I leave it to you to play and compete
A killer, a convict, a lover, a whore
No longer gathered around me, those psychic carnivores

William McKenzie
774787 AH Unit
RT2 Box 4400/320/fm929
Gatesville, TX, 76597


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