Feb. 6, 2014

Greetings My Favorite People...

by William McKenzie (author's profile)


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Greetings My Favourite People

I mean that, I truly do!

When I receive a letter, response, through Between the Bars, my stomach flutters. The responses are always open and honest. I don't worry about my feelings being hurt, because I know each response in reply to something I said first, so I grow either way. I thank each of you. I truly do.

Between the Bars especially. They had no clue how this would work out. It was ideas set forth by students who knew there was a voice behind these walls built by our society to rehabilitate members of that same society.

However, it did quite work out that way a and they saw a voice, a vision that society threw away. I won't apologize. You don't treat humans that way - you just don't.

Now since I've been posting I've been fortunate enough to be able to share a naked side of myself - raw and very emotional at times. My poetry has helped me through many of my life's fears and triumphs. Just being able to share with you was almost as hard as coming out as gay. I just thought only gays wrote poetry so I better not share with the world. It would just prove my warped thinking. .....B2

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Greetings my Favorite People 1-19-14

I have been able to deal with a lot of emotions with my pen and paper.

As you've read in my last Post of 2013, it was a poem dealing with the pain of my father's passing. I wrote in that poem, I didn't think it would hurt the way it did and still does. But it's also allowed me to start looking ahead and seeing it's going to be OK, on just one if. "If" is a big word, but if I just don't drink or use today, I'll get to tomorrow.

OK. I have a tradition here at Between the Bars and that posting a 2014 poem. These words are kind of my New Years resolution to normal people. A assure you, I'm not one of those people. If I was I wouldn't look to alcohol or drugs to deal with such small shit in my life. Even socially I couldn't, and proved it over and over.

I poisoned (?) of beautiful people's lust for life over my selfishness, self-centeredness. All for the sake of Billy. You know, I'm not a young man anymore so I have no choice to spend the rest of my life making a living amends. I guess that means paying forward my past. Enjoy this coming new year and each of you be blessed doubled.


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