Feb. 17, 2014

Continued Exploits Of Profitable Prison

by Christopher Young


Continued Exploits of Profitable Prison

The horrors of the 'Prison Industrial Complex,' should be exposed to the fullest possible extent, but I can only point out some and readers of this blog understand the profound trouble prisoners are in. Inadequate medical care and the fact that, gov. Brown here in California and probably governors in every state, is in bed with private prisons, exploiting the condemned like modern-day slavers.

The public at large remains ignorant or indifferent to the conditions prisoners are forced to struggle with. The news media will never report the stories that highlight deplorable conditions in prisons because of its ties with government have long established a mutual relationship in maintaining the status quo. Censorship is the forte of corporate media - not justice. waiting for the evening news to enlighten us is akin to waiting for hell to freeze over.

In the meantime, there are tens of thousands of prisoners in California living in dire conditions. A great number of these prisoners will suffer their entire lives behind a veal of secrecy and cover ups, as CRCr continues to violate the civil rights of human beings in the name of 'rehabilitation.' But rehabilitation has nothing to do with the experience of today's incarcerated, especially the ones who will never get out due to ridiculous mandatory minimums.

The order of business seems to be profit through prison industries and exploitation, but not rehabilitation. Long gone are the skills training once the hallmark of on-the-rise ex-cons who could learn maturity and penitence as they prepared for release. Now, it's more like a warehouse of the sick and stagnant.

The main problem is medical care for prisoners. Primary Care Physicians working for CDCr are deliberately indifferent to the needs of prisoners under their care. This is probably due to the conditioning and customisation of doctors who work closely with guards and are turned; they become callous and uncaring as the guards. They are unfortunately just as untouchable too as they enjoy a kind of qualified immunity which puts them out of reach for prisoner lawsuits (and accountability). Moreover, the doctors are just shipped to another facility when prisoners began to file complaints.

CDCr actually prohibits its doctors from ordering certain common types of treatments. For example, MRI's are almost impossible to get even if there is a need for one. My cellie had a fight and was slammed on his head and neck, but he is still in pain with little diagnostic tests for over six months. Doctors are promised continued or cancelled contracts depending on how well they conform to the unspoken corrections mantra - '$$$'

If the state gives its prisoners proper health care it would mean less money for the greedy and powerful prison guards union. In addition to this problem, governor Brown is being allowed to postpone needed reductions in the state's prison population by citing legal loopholes. This only serves to prolong the suffering of prisoner now languishing under poor medical care and other oppressive conditions.

In other words, the burden is always on the prisoner who must endeavour to file lawsuits contesting the condition that affects them. Prisoners often have serious medical needs that should be articulated in the courts, however, this is a daunting task in light of the hostile environment of the justice system.

Judges have a particular disdain for Pro Se litigants who bring cases without paying into their system (by hiring a lawyer). Most lawsuits filled by prisoner/patients, with serious medical complaints, are summarily dismissed with extreme prejudice, while conditions that gave rise to them are effectively suppressed.

Add to this the corporate motivation in making prisoners work for 30 cents (that's right, cents) an hour, and this modern day slavery institution takes on a darker attraction for elitist goals (not to mention their sadistic tendencies). This is the stuff of nightmares for people behind the wall and should anger freedom loving people everywhere.

The implications of the continued exploitation and abuse of our criminalised, over-punished prison populations are disheartening. People who made mistakes but continue to be exploited and pay well north of what's required of them by societies standards, will be the ultimate legacy of this corrupted and diabolical apparatus known as the prison industrial complex. Thank you for reading this blog. -CEE


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Enlightening post, keep writing.

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