Aug. 24, 2014

The Life Of A Man

From True Stories from the Inside by Edward Coleman (author's profile)


The Life of a Man

Man, because of his sins which caused him to fall from his high estate of spiritual cleanliness to the level of a creature who acts only for his own satisfaction by the gift of free will, must be regarded as a dangerous creature of life. When he wants to, he can be good. Otherwise, he is generally bad. In dealing with him, you must calculate for his defects and his dislikable evils. He is apt to disappoint you at any time. Therefore, you cannot completely rely on him as an individual. Always try to touch him with the hope of bringing out that which is good, but be ever on your guard to experience the worst that is in him because he is always in conflict with himself as between good and evil.

When he can profit from evil, he will do it and forget about goodness. This has been his behavior ever since the first record of his existence and his first conduct with his fellows. Cain smoked Abel for his success. Jacob robbed Esau of his birthright, and down through the ages of human history, man has been robbing, exploiting, and murdering man for gain! Therefore, do not completely trust him but watch him. When he is good, try to keep him good. Although he may not always remain good. If he is bad, avoid him. If you have no business with him to the extent of being too much in his company, always try to reform him and use good influence on him because the hope of life is to produce a better man.

The passion of man is evident everywhere. It revolts against affection, kindness, and love when it has a personal objective to obtain. We have heard of children killing their parent for gain and parent's murdering their children in a similar manner. This reveals how wicked man can be.

When we discuss man, we discuss the creature and not the particular individual. Whom we know love and can trust. Man, therefore, is the abstract creature who is vile until you know him personally, seek first to know him before you completely trust him because you are apt to be disappointed! A man shakes you hand today, and tomorrow he is chief witness against you for execution. What is it that caused him to do that? It is his vileness. Know it then that he is vile, and only when you know him sufficiently may you TRUST him as far as you judgment would dictate. He is apt to change on you and probably at the psychological moment when you need his help the most!

Therefore, in dealing with man, trust your own character and your own judgment more than depending absolutely on his. For most of the time, his advice to you is wrong and calculatingly so as to put you at a disadvantage. Hear everything from man but do not believe everything until you have tested it for yourself. The history of the world shows that man has been the chief murderer or killer. He plans his murders which he may execute on individuals. Therefore, contemplate the state of his mind. Hence, man must be stripped of his veneer to see. The evil machinations of his mind always be on guard because you know not when the evil genius will come. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Therefore, know the man so that, even though he comes with a smile, find out what is behind that smile.

It is only a foolish man who accepts another at his word without finding out something about him. Never fall in love at first sight and marry at the first opportunity. Never promise everything at the first request until you know the person is worthy of your promise.

If you prize your own good fortune, never pledge it on the first approach of ANY man. Follow him, INVESTIGATE him, and when his conduct coincides with what he states and what he promises, you may take the chance of trusting him just so far. As proof of this, there are more unhappy marriages than happy ones based upon the promise at the start. There are more unhappy relationships between man than happy ones simply because the evil mind of man cannot always keep good. It is generally evil. This is sufficient evidence that man is vile and only in remote instances good. If you know it then why take the chance of always believing before seeing? Know the man before you believe! Never believe before you know!

Always let your mission in life to be a good man and to make your fellow man good. TALK to man always from the loftiest pinnacle. LEADERSHIP in good character must make sacrifice to raise man from the lowest depths, but it is blind foolishness to sacrifice more "than necessary". Redeem the man with the least amount of harm to yourself.

Edward H. Coleman
USP Beaumont
P.O. Box 26030
Beaumont, TX 77720


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