Nov. 30, 2014


by Christopher Young



Looking at this page, its blank white mystery beckoning, there is a question pulling my fingertips, but I can't summon the response from the typewriter. It's deeper than the writer's block referred to by many. This wall of fog is nothing more than I deserve. The result of years of mental decline stacked onto an already deficient person. Loathing this limit, I can only wish to put words to a further void. I place little faith in my skill with the written word to help express my own mounting troubles. The words have betrayed me in the past. Gave the authorities evidence to turn and twist to lock me away forever. I don't trust my words because of this reason. It's hard to know what I am saying when saying it will be put into some context against my own interests.

Will there ever be any world where people are treated fairly and equal without the subtle deception of neo-bigotry? I put my words out there in the hopes that I can be understood despite the misunderstandings. There could be a person like me out there able to understand how I got to this point. How indeed, I was set up for this very purpose out of a web of focused intent. Not to say that this was my own intent, to be incarcerated in a terrible prison for a couple of lifetimes, but this is the intent of the institutions who brought me up in poverty and total despair. I blame my own society for being tough when I needed merciful. I blame my fellow citizens too; they were somewhat distracted, seeing what was taking us away from humanity. The bulk of the blame goes to God himself. If there is a higher being out there, so loving and kind and merciful, then we humans were definitely not made in his image. Instead we are—no, they are, all of them—in positions of power, corrupt and greedy. Nothing could have prepared me in this life for the diabolical hatred that is a system of government.

The world is, for the most part, at its severe primitive position in the galactic spread. I mean to say that in the thousand some years there have been people in societies, there has been a carry-over—no, a tradition—of inequality and partiality. This is the crown and lasting glory of mankind. His undying hatred of things unlike himself, and what he refuses to understand is, that everything has made him as the ultimate greatness in this world. All varieties and shades of life on this planet has invested in man's ultimate self-destructiveness. A morbid fascination with the idea of utopia. This, I think, is impossible in a world run like it is today. While corrupt government and social institutions exist on this planet, the only way to reach an utopia state is by imposing it on the population. Perhaps this is what is going on now...

In my earlier examinations on culture and society in general, I learned that there was no growth possible in a society without change. I think this is how politicians get hired: they promise the changes needed and desired by a diverse society. They start off by lying or maybe the intention of the leader is good initially, but that forces opposed in his political world are constantly bedding him towards the majority "ideal" way of life. Whatever the cause of this, there seems to be the outcome of further corruption when change is desperately needed. So growth of a society is impossible in this stagnated style of leadership. That's what I have learned in basic schooling. Change is the only constant in a mature and growing society. So called "conservative" agendas do little to promote the kind of changes needed in ideas and people's quests for happiness. Happiness for some is not the mature and growing concept of a diverse society. Cultural acceptance of everyone in every circumstance is the way to move forward to change. When powerful institutions in a society find the niche to influence government policies, those institutions will move us to a world more suited to their own interests, without regard to the diverse elements of a society.

Most institutions in society are useful in the compartmentalization of the one whole. So how then can a part thrive without the rest? In this question, there are implications pointed at the very existence of the current capitalistic system. Capitalism is the way we have become the strong nation we are today, but only with the suppression of the minority has this been feat been possible. The working class has the power in these systems of government; however, the working class seldom exercise any of this power. Almost as if they do not know they have this power. I use words in present tense because it is my hope that, despite man's mysterious and self-destructive ways, the change that is needed in our society will be so imposed by the people, that institutions with power will be changed in kind. This can be the utopia that certain groups want for just themselves. This is the path to an all-inclusive democratic social structure.

Personally, I do not dismiss the contributions of capitalistic ideals of growing a society, but these institutions—and they do qualify as such with that kind of power—should conform to the values of all cultures in a society, so that at least it seems to be a positive influence, even if the institution seeks to profit from the minority. Corporate institutions should use their power to promote the healthy changes that are needed most in society. Instead of catering to the greed of politicians and striving to alter the current or future business climate, they should raise issue of poverty and sustainability in the societies they hope to grow in. I guess this is the message that I had in mind.

But I still have some questions on racial relations and bigotry. Those questions I will work out on the next post, once I have completed more research.


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