April 28, 2015


From African Rhapsody by X-ray-Robinson (author's profile)


2015 FEB


Sometimes I think that I am in control. I push a little harder than I need to. I press the gas just a bit too fast. I try to make it—make it happen.

I think I can fix it and I don't remember that the whole reason that I go on trying is simple. Through you, I realize—I need you. It seems like a struggle to give attention to the greatness and the little things I take for granted often. Sometimes, life seems like a constant burden. The family is unavailable. The closest friends and loved ones don't ever seem to really understand. But I am compelled to just keep reachin'out, knowing that on my own, I can do nothing.

It is you and you alone who holds me down, and keeps me booted and suited. Yea, I feel it rising up inside me. The truth that made and tried me—I need you.

When the invisible pain is unbearable and the physical pain seems most unfair, and stressful disorders keep me feeling lonely in the biggest crowds, and that loud silence screams a noise and causes me to recognize, for real, I need you.

You alone, my god, causes the source of peace to fountain inside me and satisfy me with food-divine and fullness. You alone inspire me and have always been my desire to reach my dream, have true love, recognize the blessing that I am, shout to the hills my glorious treatment about your grace, mercy, and majesty. I share with the desert sands how you have quenched my thirst, and I am driven to talk about the individual trees in the forest of the earth about the ways that you have grown me. Oh, how could I forget—sometimes.

is the god of the universe!
Through Yashua


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