April 28, 2015

Nova Trust

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11 Mar. 2015

All agreements, friendships, relationships, and one-on-one party interactions of any kind are founded on the "do" things, not on the "do-not" things. So many have come to repeatedly experience the "do nots" of personal interactions to the point that it seems that a lot of our exchanges are focused on what not to do—so much and too much to the extent that we don't have sufficient experience about what "to do" when interacting. When did the don't do this and don't do that become a custom?

I have been around the globe about 14 times, and I noticed that there really is nothing more important in human relationships than knowing, understanding, recognizing, and practicing the things we should do in our interactions. Doing the appropriate always makes up for what we honestly don't know. There is invisible evidence, not seen by the eyes, but always does this evidence appear through considering others in the identical ways and methods with which we ourselves would appreciate being treated. The awesome and scary process of contributing to the healing of one another is an eye-balling giant among the insects that constantly try to stain us with pain.

Sometimes it seems like watching the news wants our reality to be that every room and space on Earth is turning into some kind of emergency room with services for symptoms only.

Okay, there are constant frequencies and currents sending out S.O.S's and 911's on every level of the consciences, and real support is needed for those acting on an unconscious level. Yes, support not dismissal.

But the true priority lies where we stand. When all around us sickness, insanity, diseases, errors, and traumatic resistance insist on rising up against the reverence and sacredness of health and balance, when those desperate to be fed and healed and assisted are for whatever the reason unable to respond with receptivity, logic, or compassion, it is then and now that we MUST powerfully move forward and let the chips fall where they may. That this battle of love vs. hate, peace vs. confusion is ongoing.

Those of us who are chosen warriors of dramatic dynamics of divine peace must stay firm in our authentic "own-ness" and all or any things that we do not overcome or continue to struggle with—must be referred to the Holiest Spirit. Because this is The One that cannot stumble, fail, nor be defeated. It is through serious prayer-meditation that we must release and let go of those who do not DO and focus on the DO NOT.

The Light teaches us without reference to darkness. Shine! Move past the do nots because the karmic system will teach and remind us all without discretion, us and those loyal to the digestion of darkness and its empty acts that continue to add to their own discomfort.

Worship warriors along with accurated balance and health must press onward, upward, and deeper within the most sacred reality where we advance by recognizing it. All of it has already been accomplished by and through the Christ, and we are eternally authorized to remember who we ware, what we are, and who we are—the sons of Yahweh! So, we must continue to move through and beyond the valleys of the shadows, death, fake-fallen, and trust the portion and pattern in Christ.

Love one another—
by any means necessary!




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