June 5, 2015

The Love Letter...

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"15 MAR 2015"

The Love Letter - THAT OPENED ME

Usually many of us receive a letter and immediately check for the address of the sender and then we decide if it will be opened and dealt with now or later. This general behavior of thinking not to open our mail, will actually delay what is required, tends to show-up in other serious areas of our life. More clearly? We read, memorize, and quote in numerous languages the stories and lesson-morals in sacred and honorable teaching about our creator, but we often fail to remember that these point towards a WAY, pattern and method that can only be experience through an application of practice. The academic absorption of wisdom and knowledge can only provide for common intellectual conversation and debate. In this forum the testimonies of truth are only information. However, once the choice has been made to internalize, measure, and compare the great example recorded regarding a tree on Calvary Hill; we realized that "HE" came as a Love Letter of flesh, and holes that opened "His" hands, feet and side caused "Him" to be lifted-up to an irresistible level that opens us up. Once we have decided to surrender to divine instruction and be led instead of driven; we will recognize that we have delayed and neglected to embrace an urgent love letter through "Christ-Relationship". The authentic purity of this love letter will cause us to want to walk and talk like Jesus (yashua) walk and talk with Jesis (yashua).

All evidence continues to prove that it was a is still revealed that true love held "Him" on the cross; and the search for true love is what will lead us to allow ourselves to be opened-up through our hears and minds to see what the eyes cannot.
The love-letter that opened me is a Majestic Manifesto of the Eternal Source that is all good through us, and an irresistible attraction that will not cease to call us, does not exhaust in a devotion to attract us to the love that truly IS eternal. Let us act urgently about the needs that must be, and are intended to be satisfied in our souls. Let us bring our best. Whatever that is. Just bring that "A" game consistently, sincerely, knowing that every effort to (?) act with the Holy-est Spirit through Christ, is a bonus beyond compare.

Open the letter, and allow yourself to see our true identity hidden with our Creator-Father, through Christ, A NEW CREATION, WALKING IN FORGIVENESS, MERCY & GRACE.

I Remain,

An African Classic

(illustration of an ankh cross)


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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