Nov. 3, 2011

A Single Tear

From Lost Soul 4gotten Tears by Kevin Anderson (author's profile)


If you wish to find me within this land, here's the longitude and latitude of how to reach my unsafe heaven:

Kevin Anderson #0591788
P.O. Box 1808
Laurinburg, North Carolina 29353

I must warn you before you reach out to me: please understand you're reaching into my pain. So please forgive me if my emotions happen to touch your heart.

Sorry for my absence. I've been on a quest to find self-worth, searching each beat of my heart for passionate inspiration—but I was dazed by circulating numbness. I've also searched each thought in my consciousness, hoping to become aware of virtuous reason—but found a place stricken with poverty of intellect, causing me to become lost in this land of the forgotten.

Unable to understand the clearness of a voided future, I frightfully acknowledge my despairing longevity. Led by a heart pulsating with insensitive beats while absentminded within a maze of indifference, I've begun to lose self, when one day found and informed to the internal source of my being. This character was unable to be denied in his declaration to me, seeing he was what he was and from where he's from. He was...

A Single Tear
On an imperfect day, a single tear escapes my eye. As this tear descends, I notice it wept—stopping on the tip of my nose, looking towards the eye from which it came and said to me:

"By the scales of your emotions, I have been weighed and measured; through the windows of your soul have I been forced by your sorrow. I was conceived from the pain of your life, born within the struggles of all your days. I am a single tear shed by your, shedding a lonely tear for you.

You are one of the unfortunate people born into a shadow which is a narrow passage leading to nowhere, and I give my apologies for the pain by which I was created. Because this tear I shed is being shed as my prayer to you, for when I fall, I carry with me the very last of all your faith and belief.

I am literally the last drop of desire pulled from the center of you. I'm the reality that love doesn't exist for you, leaving me truly sorry of the way that this world has misplaced you. I'm the reflection of distress, the proof in your despair and will to surrender the mission to declare passion and affection for your heart.

Once I fall, all you will have is a fraction of yourself which is plagued to live a life without love. Your soul will be sunken into a land that is unforgiving, and your heart will be broken into uneven pieces and scattered within the winds of the forgotten, while the only strength left in you will be hopelessness. Hopes to find that which you feel you no longer deserve."

As this tear fell, there was nothing left behind other than its prayer for me...

(A Single Tear)


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