March 11, 2016


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I just want to let anyone who is interested in knowing why I waived my parole hearing why I did so.
First, it is highly unlikely that I would be granted parole because I have not yet completed the program I'm now in. If I do complete it will likely be around early Summer. I'll be wrapping this sentence up in September.
Second, the program I'm in is very good. I want to gain as much from it as I possibly can so I can live a healthy functional life after I'm released. I've learned more and grown more, in my two years in this program than I have in all the years I've spent trying to learn, heal, and grow (well over 15 years now). I believe it is important that I have the time to internalize what I've learned and also to solidify my plans for a successful re-entry into society.
Although my sentence was long (12 1/2 - 14 1/2) I do believe it was more than fair for the offenses I committed, and if it takes up my whole sentence in order for me to make sure I'm as capable as I'll ever be to live a healthy, pro-social life then I'm more than willing to do that.
Any success I've had would not have been possible without all the support I've received. Right now I'm struggling a little bit with some anxiety about being released, but maybe that's a good thing. All the help I've received has made me aware of - to some extent - what it will take to succeed out there, and a little anxiety seems appropriate.

After my release I hope to live a healthy life, one full of meaningful relationships, purpose, and where I'm able to contribute something of value to the lives of others. I lived a very tormented and dysfunctional life before (and during) prison. A life that caused a lot of pain as well as endured a lot of pain. I also, at my worst, made some very poor decisions to hurt others. I can't change that. All I can do is do my best to be healthy and to help those I can when I can. I look forward to this opportunity.


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Lost_Boy_2.0 Posted 8 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
I am impressed by your good spirit. It seems to me that you are on track to inhance society simply because you have it in your heart to do so. Setting that goal is the first step and I think you have a wonderful head start. It's important that you've been writing. When we write, we can find our thoughts. It helps us tuck them away so they aren't constantly filling our heads, meaning we can develop new thoughts. I'm also a writer and all I can tell you is that you should never stop writing, no matter what. I wish you all the best in the future.

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