June 18, 2016

Death Row Journal (June 6-12, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Death Row Journal
June 6-12, 2016
4:30am. Been up since 3:50am. Washed up made the bunk cleaned the cell, I'm going to go through my cell today and throw a lot of stuff away. I'm having a cup of coffee.
5:18am Breakfast is here, I'm going to have a shake, oatmeal milk and peanut butter. Been going through my property and discarding useless materials.
6:37am. Laundry just came through. I've hot to go through my locker. Also need to do some writing and workout. Hope the property room man brings the books today.
8:09am. Got the locker cleaned out, threw some old paper work away, ran across several old addresses, ill sent out a few cards. Heard that their short 18 officers this morning. They need to start paying these guys better. Well Im going to do some walking, then go from there.
9:13am Was walking, then stopped ans washed clothes. Wrote a short letter. Ive got a 1pm call out for x-ray on my left shoulder. Im going to try to get something for this burn while im up there. Cant believe I got burnt using the microwave to heat cheese in the visiting park, burnt my finger and my lip. stupid as can be. I need to write.
10:22am. Wrote another short letter and a card to an organization about a penpal. Im going to walk some more.
11:39am I don't know how ive dealt with the insanity of this cage for 26 1/2 years. Wow. Thinking about the years, first year 1990 I sent in the jail 1991,92 and 3 months of 93 I spent here at F.S.P. over on S-Wing, not its calls F-wing. 93,94,95,96,97,98,99 I was at union C.I. 2000,01,02 I was here. Feb 03 till aug 03 I was at the county jail, Came back here and stayed until sept 04. Was then sent back to UCI where I stayed until may,4 2015. All of this time spent in a cage. Constantly digging deep down inside-trying to survive and not mentally break down. Cause god knows- theres nothing easy about this, 26 1/2 years man! Well im going to walk and think.
11:53am canteen is here.
12:21pm Barry Davis is already screaming up and down the hall and in the vents. I got 5 cookies and a soup for stamps. We have audio, and hes violating the hell out of the rules openly. Im surprised he hasn't already gotten a Disciplinary Report. But this place isn't like it use to be.
1:01pm still waiting on my call out. was supposed to be 1pm and here we are after 1pm and no officers in sight. Moron down the hall screaming a rap song out. I hate this place.
2:56pm just got back from x-rays. Im going to fill out my food packageorders.
5:06pm Filled out my order. Just sitting here listening to the news on the radio. I did not work out today. Ive got to make up for that tomorrow. I hear the food cart out there with dinner.
5:38pm Just brought a new guy on to the row. Hes a mental case. Wanted the death penalty. Hes rambling only about honor. Im listening, but its obvious that hes a nut job. Im going to wash up and go to bed. It was raining. it stopped and not the humidity has picked up. and not its even hotter than it was. That's the bad thing about florida- the humidity. With this guy coming over here some will be going to UCI cause theres no open cells.
6:04pm. Washed up now going to lay under this fan and go to bed.

Tuesday June 7,2016
4:23am. Got up at 3:50 washed up, had a cup of coffee made the bunk. I didn't get any mail, just a letter form educational programing listing some places for me to contact. Ive got to have a good exercise program today. Shouldn't have missed yesterday
5:35am Breakfast is here. A guy I cell 1311 on the other side threw two cups of juice, one on the inmate feeding us, and the other hit the officer. So they got a mess going on over there right now. Im going to have a shake and do some walking.
6:24am Nurse just came, officer who got hit with the juice also came. The inmate was throwing the juice at the inmate not the officer.
7:58am wrote two short letters was reading the newspaper. im going to walk then exercise.
9:56am just finished exercising.
11:28am Im listening tot he oral arguments in perry at the florida supreme court. From what I heard it doesn't sound good for us older guys. Oh well, its not a surprise to me.
11:39AM property room just came brought me some books, but not all the ones I was expecting. Probably be another couple of weeks before I get them. Re creation has been cancelled not sure why. Heard secretary Julie Jones is going to be in the
12:15pm lunch is here. Not eating anything on that tray. Not sure what ill have.
2:32PM was doing some reading these idiots have been arguing for the past 2 hours This new guy is a real idiot. He fits in good. And barry Davis is already telling him how to scam Gainesville Citizens united for alternative to the death penalty out of a t.v. and a fan. That ticks me off because there's guys that need help. Barry Davis has over $850.00 in his account, and he is using this organization, that should be helping the less fortunate. That sun is shining. Sure would like to be outside.
4:06pm just did another workout. Dinner is here.
4:55pm Just did another workout. Dinner is here. Ill make some sauce and cook it. Im getting ready to bath and then head for the bed.
6:09pm Finished bathing, washed clothes now going to bed.

WEDNESDAY June 8, 2016
3:20AM Been up since 2:50 washed up, cleaned the cell, made the bunk, got laundry ready to go out. Now time to get to work on this chicken.
4:15am cooking the chicken. Take a couple of hours.
5:08 Breakfast is here. Im going to give it away.
6:04am Ate some of the chicken. Im just not that big at eating in the morning. Which is when I should be eating. Nurse just came through. Ive been reading which is what im going back to doing, then I need to do some writing.
6:40am heres laundry. I just started a letter to my dad.
7:49am legal mail man just dropped off some mail from me. Ive got to file a motion tomorrow to get linda appointed as my state counsel, and harry p brody removed.
8:13am grievance lady just came by. I've got to write another letter. Wrote my Dad.
8:51pm I had to search for a pen. Then ran into a roach. Killed it. Hate roaches. This place used to be really bad. Found out this morning that Barry Davis robbed one of the inmates. You cant do crap like that, you get out in that hallway handcuffed up, and one of these guys will kill you over their money. So over a few dollars, he put his life at risk.
8:57am Their doing recount. Im going to do some writing.
9:28am Their pulling rec down stairs right now. Im going to do some walking, then exercise.
11:48am Just finished exercising pooring sweat, Im going to lay in the floor and cool down.
12:22pm dinner came trays are greasy and slimy, I gave it away. Weve been told that the Regional Director Brad Cullpapper is coming through and now we have to be in class a uniforms. He needs to ve fired! Damn its hot in here.
3:09 PM the tour group just came through. didn't see cullpepper, theres was a bout 4 or 5 men ive never seen. Damn its hot! This is just ridiculously hot!
6:31pm Finished bathing, im going to bed. I ate some fish and rice for dinner. No mail tonight.

Thursday June 9, 2016
3:00AM got up at 2:23am washed up made the bunk, had a cup of coffee. Im sore from yesterdays exercise session. Im hoping to go to recreation this morning and do pulls up and dips,
5:24am Breakfast is here. Im having grits with sardines in them. I should have slept in the morning. That's just too early to be getting up. But I laid there and when I couldn't get back to sleep I decided to get up.
6:08am Nurse just brought meds im going to do some walking.
7:33 am officer just took the rec list. Ive been exercising need to go back to it.
8:01am finished exercising, now waiting on legal mail and recreation.
8:19am Legal mail man just picked up my motions for the appointment of counsel. Now just waiting on rec.
11:28am back in from recreation. 5 of the guys are being sent to UCI one Is from over here. The only quite guy on the yard I did some dips, pull ups and squats. We may go out again this afternoon.
12:19pm Lunch is here. Im eating some pasta. Im really tired.
1:00pm waiting on this 2nd recreation.
1:38pm Terry Smith just left out of cell 2307 heading for Uci. that's a really good dude. Their not pulling us for recreation.
4:22pm just came back from recreation. They pulled us around 2pm food cart is on the otherside. Im ready to eat.
4:53pm Ate dinner. A burger, its loud in here right now. I also washed clothes. I am tired. I did more dips pull ups and push ups soon as I get to the shower. Im coming back and going to sleep.
7:22pm I just used the phone to call anne. first time ive used the phone. took me about 20 mins to figure out how to use it. Had to use my DC number and social security number, that's what took so long. now just waiting on the shower.
8:20pm Back from shower. Going to bed.

Friday June 10, 2016
5:01am. Didn't get any mail last night. That's got to change. Well I need to make my bunk and clean the cell.
5:53am. Here's laundry. They've showed up early. Breakfast still hasn't come.
6:42am. Breakfast is here. We also have a new runner that feeds us. Not sure what all I'm going to do today. Some point I'll exercise, Father Conrad might show up, Need to write some where to try to find me a pen friend or two.
9:32am. Wrote a short letter and card. I need to walk, then exercise.
10:14am. Was doing crunches, when the sgt. said I have a 1pm callout so I backed off exercising for now.
12:40 Was watching ALI's memorial service. Had to turn away several times. Hard watching that. He was a great man.
3:02pm Back from seeing Father Conrad. Im going to watch the rest of MUHAMMAD ALI memorial.
5:28pm just ate dinner.
6:42pm Finished bathing. Im getting ready to go to sleep. Was not really productive day. ALI's funeral was really sad. I don't see how his kids wasn't in tears. Well they have had a whole week to cry them all out. Never be another like Muhammad Ali. He was truly the greatest. He stood on what he believed. Now days people don't stand up like that man did. He was loved by many, me included. Ive got to have a more productive workout tomorrow. Also hope they stop with some mail tonight. I haven't received any mail in the past 3 days. Oh well. Good night.

Saturday June 11, 2016
4:48am Breakfast just came. Oatmeal. I'll eat later. Again no mail last night. I've been up since 3:30 still haven't made my bunk. Need to do that, then wash some clothes, exercise this morning, do some work in the GED books. I'm getting frustrated, cause I'm running into stuff that I don't have a clue of how to do, and I've got no help. I really need a teacher that can instruct me. There's something wrong with my brain, and the learning process. Let me get to this.
8:05am Hear the nurse coming with meds I've just finished washing clothes. It already hot in here. Dang I wish we had air conditioning. I'm going to start walking, then go into my workout. I ate oatmeal about 7am. I'm now cooking some fish.
11:40am Finished exercising. I stopped for about an hour and talked to a Christian Volunteer Norman. Need to wash up my knee is hurting.
12:09pm Here's lunch. Im eating the fruit, giving the rest away. May do some more exercising.
4:39 pm It is so so so unbelievably hot in here! This is a sweat box! Being up here on this 3rd Floor makes it even worse.
6:00pm I gave my dinner tray away. It hasn't begun to cool off. I needed to write a letter. Aint gonna happen.
6:45pm Just finished waching clothes and bathing.
Im getting ready to lay down under this fan and try to stay as cool as possible. Where is the winter months. Cant wait for them to show back up. I so not do well in this hear. If I was out side fine. Warehoused in this hot cage no! Going to bed.

Sunday June 12, 2016
5:00am been up since 3:30 cleaned the cell made my bunk need to work out, also need to do some writing while its still cool in here.
8:30am didn't exercise wrote a short note, just finished bathing and waiting on them to come get me for visits.
3:24pm Just got back from visit. It was hot out there. I drank so much that I Ffelt sick to my stomach. I've got to write a short letter to this woman.
4:14pm They just served dinner, I gave it away. Writing a letter.
6:44pm Getting ready to go to sleep. They can wake me up for weight and bar check. Im really tired. Ive heard 50 people were killed in a night club in Orlando. Sad situation, and this is a mad world we live in.


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