Aug. 13, 2016

Comment Response

by George Peter Jr (author's profile)
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Using Illinois' Freedom of Information Act: A Brief Overview
(Sept. 5, 2013)

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Rita Posted 4 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
hello George,First of all,receive love from me.I miss so much your loving letters lately!It's been so very long I've heard from you by letters! Between the last letter you wrote on December 12th in the old year,just ONE letter came by! Not any letter in January! No Valentine card,which you usually write me,no word till today, the 27th of February... What is happening!?I noticed the letters 302 and 303 never arrived here. The last letter was number 304; after this NOTHING.:((It says here they'll print and mail my letter on February,27th;which is today.I just wrote a message to Jessica & she answered to reach me as soon she has reached you.She thought you could call me.I explained our only communication is by letters and now not even that...I will call your dad this evening. Explaining him;did he tell you about the letters?I thought coming to Chester with the Amtrak,but this train does drive only till Carbondale.That's a big distance from your place Chester!I've to ask if your dad can pick me up at Carbondale and bring me to the hotel,Best Western and next to the Hospitality House.9 days at the hotel and just the 3 last days at the H H.The most of the period I'm there,a group of people booked at the H H.Too bad. The B W is almost 100 doll./night while the H H is only 20 doll./night!At the B W the breakfast is included and we've a outdoor swimming pool and a gym room.But swimming in April?Did you get my letters,the chess book in a yellow envelope and the Valentine card?:)I asked you the address to ask for the visiting hours,but since I never got any letters from you, I don't know who to write to?Would you tell your dad?He can tell me then at the phone.I lately hiked two days 20 kilometers.40 kms in total!With the group I hiked with in my 20ies!It was tough! I had no training anymore.Veerle asked me.I was the second oldest of a pretty large group, but the other lady had a lot of training.I was so very proud I did it, George!it was in a very high elevated protected area, more in the south of the country.In the wetlands, where streams run, with beautiful landscapes,where only birches grow because of the sour soil.I had never been there.There were plenty of wet areas,icy roads ! and spaces covered still with snow.I was dressed way too warm; with my coat with the fur, remember?My back was wet,from sweating,with backpack, climbing,pfeww8 We slept in a big modern gîte.Had a very good meal in the evening and a delicious breakfast.Veerle and me made also new friends.Scott had problems with his feet and his hips.He wasn't there.
When I came home I was sour, stiff; not in my legs,(never) but at the sides of my pelvis.I slept an hour ate and took a bath.The next morning I had babysitting at Elke's and coming towards the train in the evening, almost everything was gone.I plan to buy good gear, thermo- underwear and walking sticks. Because I am fond of hiking!
I will call your dad now.;)Stay healthy, stay positive and help your fellow mates.xxxlove you,Georgie

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