Aug. 4, 2017

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by George Peter Jr (author's profile)
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Comment Response
(May 4, 2016)

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Rita Posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months ago   Favorite
hi George,

Just got your letter,number335.I hope Santa brought you 'good stuff', because I agree that you were good, sweetie :)) 2018 promises a year you will return home, George... I am convinced it will happen.I believe Jeanine,and send daily light to you and Jessica. For that I put your two names on paper.Jeanine does it,I do it, Renie does it,your dad and you should send light too.We,Jeanine and I met with a purpose!I should think as if you are with me already.The Universe accepts it as truth.And George,we had a life together much earlier in time and had Noel as our daughter. She,Jeanine saw you fulfilled all your karma...She called me an 'old soul' as two people said that to me already before!I will send you a bunch of old photos by mail,but please send them all back in your own time,okay? :)Please don't forget to add some commentary with it.Photos need that!Not some, but all of them.;) Later I met during a dance of light in Breda a young man, 29, Salih. He's half Turkish,half Dutch.From all the people he was in my opinion the most far coming to wisdom!:O
I told him by email he took my attention with his eyes and his smile.We had to sit on a mat together and look in each others eyes and caress each other.He did that with a lot of respect.We had not to talk.He is an artist and we gave comments on each others paintings and drawings.He was very good in doing this; as much I'd like to paint again!I realized only later one of my paintings was a shaman painting.And right now I've two books from the library from Shamanism.It's very interesting!:)
I bought some books to bring when I will visit you: 'The Sins Of The Father- Joseph P. Kennedy- Ronald Kessler, 'Beyond Outrage' What Has Gone Wrong with Our Economy and Our Democracy and How to Fix It.- Robert B. Reich,'Why Do People Hate America?'- Ziauddin Sardar& Marryl Wyn Davies,and 'Voluntary Simplicity' Responding to Consumer Culture- Daniel Doherty.These days I like so much to listen to the cd's of Boh Dylan.What a great singer he is!I will travel to America on March 23rd till April 5th. My first visit is on March 26... :)))
xxx from Rita!

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