Nov. 22, 2016

Absolutely Stunning!

by Perrie Thompson (author's profile)



November 9, 2016

Nobody wants to say it, but I will: America has just revealed its true colors. Donald Trump being elected president shows just how immoral so many Americans are. Trump has disrespected minorities, Muslims, and women. Then millions of Americans go out and elect Donald Trump president. This demonstrates America has a disconnected democracy. It further illustrates that America is not great nor loving, and is in fact a country that is desperately craving the return of white supremacy!

That's just how I feel. So disappointed right now!

Perrie Thompson

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Cavak Posted 4¬†years, 10¬†months ago.   Favorite
To be fair, Hillary did win the popular vote (the number that the average Joe voted). You can thank Article Two of the Constitution and the Electoral College for Trump's presidential seat. So please don't fall into the wayside of thinking that everybody in America agreed with this; it's the senators and representatives of every state that voted in favor of him. That's about 590 people; they aren't all of America, but they have the final say for who is the country's leader. And you have all the right in the world to be disappointed about that roadblock. Not at the people behind the system, but the system itself.

This is not anything new for politics in this country, sadly. It's a trend for us to zig-zag and to have one party have control for a maximum of two terms in our country's history. Only one exception to that so far, and that was when everyone in the world was scared of change (WWII).

If you feel cheated, there has been a knee-jerk reaction to the outrage and Article Two in the government circle called the Boxer Amendment. On November 15 this year, Senator Barbara Boxer proposed to amend the Constitution to replace the Electoral College with the popular vote for the president and vice president. We'll see how that goes. I'm thinking that it won't pass beyond its infant stages because it's too emotionally charged and reactionary for a lot of people to accept rationally right now.

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