Dec. 18, 2016

Don't Lose Yo Grip!

by LeVar E. Jones (author's profile)


By J.V.I

Don't Lose Yo Grip!

People be yellin'! Like old folks playing Bingo
Fuck LeVar! He ain't shit! with hate in their lingo.
Since they're on top wearin' clothes that's designing
they think I'll be in rags with a rep that's declining.
Think I'm on the brinks 'cause I been seeing a shrink
thinking I need them, but I'm not hoodwinked.
The hate drips from their lips like snot from their sinuses
their envy is exposed, revealing all of their slyness.
Thinkin' they're "Your Highness" but portray a joker,
crooked as politicians or a Wall Street stockbroker.
Where do haters come from? It's in every damn city,
in every country, in every state, and they get gritty.
Don't be silly. Stand up for what you believe.
Do it for yourself and not what others need.
People's hearts will get broke, it's something they'll get over,
being mad forever is like finding a rare 4 leaf clover.
Stay to myself because there's nothing I have to prove.
Life is like a game of chess. What's my next move?
When you on the bottom, people want you to stay.
If you're miserable, that's how they want you all day.
At least they're on top, but they want you to slip.
Stay away from these haters and don't lose yo grip!


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