March 12, 2017

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Hey, how are you?

I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my last blog posts. Unfortunately, my typewriter has taken its last few breaths, which is why I haven't posted anything in a while. But I guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way and put pen to paper. :) For the sake of research, it's an honor to be of assistance in the answers that you seek. I appreciate you being bold enough to even ask such questions, which is why me holding back wouldn't do you any justice. So I won't!

Now, I can only speak for myself for the way in which I respond to your questions so I hope you don't generalize my answers with how all men in prison feel or think. Maybe they should, but I'm only one man. ;)

1.) Missing women is one of the most if not the most hardest things to do while in prison, but it also helps you appreciate them even more. With nothing but time to think, you start to regret certain decisions that you've made in certain relationships and resent yourself for them. But then again, with nothing but time, you build off those decisions, shaping and molding yourself to be a better man.

I deal with missing a woman by preparing myself for the next love that may come along while at the same time learning what it is that I want, so that I can fully understand what it is that a woman really wants and needs.

In prison, you have three types of men: the so-called pimps, the so-called player, and a man. Out of these three types, only one is capable of change. I hope it's not hard for you to figure out which one. If so, I need to be asking you a few questions. But yes, men do change not being around women, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

As I've stated earlier, I've built a better appreciation but I've also seen the lack of women's presence create a certain hatred towards women which can totally affect men and how they interact with a woman. The only way for a man to deal with his needs are to deal with them and become a master of one's self. ;) Do you follow? You said don't hold back!

Some might become reserved but maybe only because they're cautious of making some of the same mistakes or because they are scared to fall in love again. As crazy as it sounds, yeah, men can be scared to love again too, which is why some build that hard shell that women can't seem to crack. That's where the pimp/player personalities stem from: fear! Being vulnerable can also scare men because they are trying to uphold this touch macho image while in prison, not wanting to be seen as this soft, lame dude.

To be totally honest, I yearn for a woman's touch every day. From the sound of a woman's voice, to the smell of a woman's hair, the essence of a woman's being. But as hard as missing a woman may be, I deal by knowing that my next love would be best love. :)

I hope that I was helpful with the answers to your questions. Just know that I'm inspired to know you took interest in my blog. Hopefully, this isn't the last of me hearing from you either. I look forward to posting more material soon, so stay tuned. I encourage you to get more friends involved in sites like this, especially if they are curious to some of these same questions. I, along with guys like me, need people like you to share this kind of dialogue with. So thank you!

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Until our paths cross again, take care...

Contrell R.


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