April 16, 2017


by Joseph Thibodeaux




First of all, the person you know as Calico is no more and will never be again. because one can never fully change one's self without fully changing all of one's self. Trust me, I know because I have done it. But if you wish to call me Calico, so be it. But I would rather you call me Joe. But as for what you asked me, about the word love.

Well, first let me say that the word love means a lot of different things that would have sounded good but would have been for all the wrong things. Like you say for a place to stay when I get out or a lot of other things. But now my understanding has changed. And I don't know if you can call it the meaning of love or not, but I think loving someone is someone you want to be with all the time. Just doing nothing at all but holding each other. Just talking about anything and everything. And you're always there for each other, no matter what. And you don't want to have sex with anyone else. And you don't want to do anything to hurt them.

And if that ain't love, well, I don't know and don't care because that's what I want. Not convenience because I don't want to just pick up with someone I was with before. Because one, there really wouldn't be anything between us, and I would always be thinking if they was cheating on me. Because every woman I have been with has. Well, all but one anyways.

But, Poodle, just to let you know, I don't have your address anymore. And you wrote it on your letter where I couldn't make it out. And just so you know, I haven't talked to Corina in like a year and something. But I would like to. Oh, and no one is taking care of my Facebook page and I don't write anyone but my mom and this blog. And just so you know, I'm really not cool with anyone looking up my son in a hospital or any place else. But I don't have a say and I never did or will, I guess.

But if you want me to write you back, I need to be able to read the address you write on it. And, Poodle, I ask for the same thing as before: letters and pictures from you. Not money or maybe a way I can call you on the phones they have here. But write back soon.



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