Jan. 21, 2014


by Joseph Thibodeaux



First I hope you and your family had a great holiday...Ad I really do understand your angry with me for leaving you while you where pregnant, But you know I didn't know you were pregnant and if I would have known I really wouldn't have left you Because, I love you just as much as you loved me. And I really hope you know I love you and to be straight up front with you. You really are the only women in my life I never cheated on And If I wouldn't have had to leave I wouldn't have left you. And if I could go back and change things I would but I cant all I can do is hope one day you'll forgive me....But what I don't understand is why your so scared to write me I know you say its because you don know what to say and you don't want to make me upset with you but don't you think if I was going to be upset with you I would be already? But I'm not so what's really up? But anyways there's a website Jpay.com you can write me on and they will send it straight to me on this unit the same day you write it. And I can reply throw my blog its a faster way. But if you cant write me because of your husband getting mad at you I understand And I don't want you getting into trouble over a " fuck up like me"
But I hope to hear from you soon Lil Bit


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