April 16, 2017

The Emancipation Initiative Survey

by Timothy J. Muise (author's profile)


The Emancipation Initiative has designed the following survey because we would like to know your thoughts on Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences. In order to facilitate the upcoming community dialogues concerning abolition of LWOP we have constructed a Three-Part Survey including multiple choice, ranking, and agree-disagree questions. The Emancipation Initiative would like to assure respondents that the survey is entirely anonymous. If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact our headquarters at: (617)869-2773; (216)225-0442

MULTIPLE CHOICE (Instructions: Select one please)

1. I have ______________ concern about legislation effecting the nation's criminal justice system.
(A.) very much
(B.) very little
(C.) some
(D.) No

2. I believe our criminal justice system is ______________.
(A.) effective
(B.) not effective
(C.) a disaster
(D.) the best
(E.) No opinion

3. A criminal offenders right to vote should _______________ be suppressed.
(A.) never
(B.) temporarily
(C.) absolutely
(D.) No opinion

4. There are _______________ circumstance[s] that should permanently strip an American citizens' right to life, liberty and property.
(A.) no
(B.) some
(C.) many
(D.) few
(E.) No opinion

5. I have [a] ________________ understanding of life, LWOP, and Death Penalty legislation.
(A.) thorough
(B.) general
(C.) very little
(D.) No

6. Convicted persons of capital offenses, who have displayed that they have been rehabilitated, should have _______________ to be released back into society.
(A.) an opportunity
(B.) no opportunity
(C.) an absolute chance
(D.) No opinion

7. I believe all persons sentenced to LWOP can ________________.
(A.) not be rehabilitated
(B.) be rehabilitated
(C.) change
(D.) not change
(E.) No opinion

8. I have ___________________ concern about abolishing LWOP sentences.
(A.) very deep
(B.) moderate
(C.) very little
(D.) no
(E.) No opinion

9. I __________________ [like] to participate in a discussion relating to how we should reduce Massachusetts' life sentenced population.
(A.) would
(B.) would not
(C.) don't care
(D.) No opinion

RANKING (Instructions: Rank them in order)

10. Persons convicted of First Degree murder and sentenced to LWOP should instead be? (Please write '1' next to what you think is most important, a '2' next to the second most important, and a '3' next to the third most important.)

___ eligible for parole after serving 15 years.
___ serve 25 years then be eligible for release.
___ reviewed once a year after completing a set amount of programs.
___ stay incarcerated
_____________________________ other
_____________________________ other

11. As opposed to states spending an annual cost of incarceration range from $15,000-$60,000 per person of tax payer dollars on LWOP prisoners, tax dollars could be better used to...
___ educate prisoners.
___ institutional programs to prepare LWOP inmates for society.
___ prison reform.
___ absolute rehabilitation of the prisoner.
______________________________ other
______________________________ other

12. I believe the best way to address a participatory process concerning LWOP legislation is to...
___ have a national debate.
___ conduct a public forum.
___ have a state to state referendum.
___ have a local discussion.
______________________________ other
______________________________ other

AGREE/DISAGREE (Instructions: respond 'yes/agree' or 'no/disagree')

13. I think our society should focus less on retribution and more on rehabilitation. (For each one, please indicate whether you: strongly disagree; somewhat disagree; no opinion; somewhat agree; or strongly agree) (circle one)
1) strongly disagree
2) somewhat disagree
3) no opinion
4) somewhat agree
5) strongly agree

14. The local community should petition Congress to propose a Bill to abolish LWOP.
1) strongly disagree
2) somewhat disagree
3) no opinion
4) somewhat agree
5) strongly agree

15. I believe prisoners sentenced to LWOP should have a second chance in society after serving a set amount of time.
1) strongly disagree
2) somewhat disagree
3) no opinion
4) somewhat agree
5) strongly agree

The Emancipation Initiative would like to thank you for your cooperation and would like to know how you feel about this survey. Also, please let us know if there is anything else that you feel should have been asked. If you would like to know how and what this information is being used for feel free to call our headquarters. It is our pleasure to have your participation and if you have any additional questions or comments regarding this survey you can contact us at:

Emancipation Initiative
P.O. Box 35502
Cleveland, OH

Emancipation Initiative
P.O. Box 580052
Flushing, New York

Facebook @emancipation.initiative

Email emancipationinitiative@gmail.com

Emancipation Initiative
P.O. Box 301239
Boston, MA

Project Coordinators:
Meia Carter
Grace Chen
Rachel Corey


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