April 16, 2017

Comment response

by Paul Leone
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Dear Jeanette:
This is your uncle Raul Leone: Baby I was shocked out of my mind & soul when I saw your name on my Blog Reply. I have just received your comments on 4/4/17. Well, now let me tell you that, yeah man, I love you so very much. And yeah we are the same blood. That's what makes us bond together is the (Leone) blood. Say I don't know your daddy so good when he was alive. I only had one chance to meet him once way back in the 60's. I was not over 11-12 years old. He had them big old muscles from when he used to box in the ring. I am so sorry that I was not a big help to him when he may have needed it!! Well, I can see that you're not a Trump fan, but we can't all think the same way. If we did it would be a one-sided world: And thank you so very much for getting in touch with me. Also, thank you for saying what you said about what I said about our country. It is that way. I hope you know it takes some time for our words to reach another because it all has to go through the Blog Office from you to me & mine through there to you. Please send me a picture of yourself & any other sibling you might have. I would love to see you all. I love you very much!!

Please respond soon. XXOO. Raul Leone


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